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Gingerol 5%Boswellia extract 65% boswellic acidFeverfew inner fat 0.3%-3%Dihydrocricin 50%-98%Hawthorn extract 2%-9%Total Triterpenes of Reishi Mushroom 1%Maca Extract Macamide 0.5%-1%Sea Buckthorn Flavonoids 10%Tongkat Ali 10:1

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Wild chrysanthemum half grass cargo 10 tonsCicadas molt 500 kg2 tons of dry mustard (3 years old hollow)Dandelion 2 tons (wild goods)3 tons of mother-of-earth

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Genistein, diindolemethane, ferulic acid; Luteolin, soy glycosides, baicalin; A full range of celery, gynostemma saponins, licorice; 1,3-Acetonedicarboxylic acid

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Apple cider vinegar powder 5%-10%Indoletrimethanol 99%  Diindolemethane 99% Curcumin 95%Acerola cherry 17%Knotweed emodin 50%Boswellic acid 65%Black rice anthocyanins 25%Fruit and vegetable powder, blueberry juice powder strawberry juice

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Senna: 20% (HPLC)Transimate acid: 99%L-Carnosine: 99%a lipoic acid: 99%D-Biotin: 99%Coenzyme Q10: 98%, 10%Phenylfothiamine: 99%Glutathione: 98%Pumpkin seed protein: 60%Dificiated yeast fermentation product lysateFermentation cytolytic product of