thifluzamide (bsi,iso,ansi);

MF: C13H6Br2F6N2O2S
MW: 528.06
CAS: 130000-40-7

The seconds within the cefuroxime acid has a strong suction conductivity, high bactericidal effect, the effective length, prevention is withered nuclear bacteria and ulcer Chemicalbook diseases caused by cotton damping off together, compared with five nitrobenzene chloride, the effect is good, not only and dosage is only 1/3 ~ 1/5. Its sterilization by inhibiting bacteria is the principle of acid enzymes to hydrogen in the Krebs cycle, and killing bacteria. Thiamethoxam cefuroxime amide to overcome the current market for prevention and control of smut many potions on crop unsafe disadvantage, in the seed treatment will play a more important role in prevention and treatment of systemic diseases. General processing on the leaf can effective prevention and control of nuclear bacteria, rust and white silk bacteria cause disease. Thiamethoxam cefuroxime amide of algal fungi not active, the disease caused by leaf pathogens, such as peanut leaf spot, level and the result is bad.

Thiamethoxam cefuroxime acid in wheat sheath blight effect is good
Thiamethoxam cefuroxime acid for many kinds of fungal diseases have a very good control effect, can be widely used in rice, wheat, peanuts, cotton, sugar beet, coffee, potato, lawn and other crops. On the current production is mainly used for prevention and control of sheath blight of rice and wheat and barley. Wheat sheath blight is the constancy of the disease, there is no high sheath blight varieties can choose for production, chemical control is the main means of prevention and control. Wheat sheath blight disease for high temperature and high humidity, its development is influenced by temperature humidity is big, high humidity and the temperature is suitable for fast development. Used for prevention and control of rice sheath blight in recent years, good effect of thiamethoxam cefuroxime amide, used for the prevention and treatment of wheat sheath blight also showed good results. Thiamethoxam cefuroxime acid amide is suitable for spraying on the leaf and seed treatment and soil method, prevention and control of sheath blight was used more foliar spray. Chemicalbook, according to the relevant test in wheat filling before March 5 and March 15, respectively with suspending agent of 24% thiamethoxam injunctions amide 10 ml per acre and 20 ml wheat sheath blight, prevention and control of sheath blight of 30 days after applying pesticide control effect were 94.38%, 97.78% and 97.41%, 97.41%, white head rate to zero; In wheat jointing stage after April 5 and April 15, the same drug treatment, the wheat sheath blight were significantly decreased. Test results show that before the wheat jointing stage is the best period for prevention and treatment of sheath blight, suspending agent with 24% thiamethoxam injunctions amide 10-20 per milliliter, can effectively control the occurrence of sheath blight, reduce the white head, has obvious effect to increase production. Prevention and control of sheath blight, spraying period is very important, must have medicine on time. Shake well prior to dispensing drugs. Don’t pollution water solution.

Thiazole amide succinate dehydrogenase inhibitor. Used for rice, cereal crops and lawns, for silk nuclear bacteria genera, puccinia, red in the black points bacteria genera, FuGe bacteria, ustilago pathogenic fungi such as effective, caused to basidiomycotina fungal diseases, such as damping off with special effects. Used in rice, cereal crops, grass leaf processing, the dose of 12 active ingredients chemicalbook5 ~ 250 g/hm2, cereal crops and used in the cereal crop seed processing, using active ingredients for 7 ~ 30 g/kg dose seeds. Potion excellent control effect on rice grain dry existing production, active ingredients used doses of 130 ~ 140 g/hm2, rust cereal crops active ingredients of 125 ~ 250 g/hm2.