Acai Berry Powder

Product name:Acai Berry Powder

Latin Name: EuterpeOleracea

Actitive ingredient: anthocyanidins, polyphenols

Color: Violet red fine powder

Used Part: Fruit

Particle Size: 100% pass 80 mesh

Drying methods: spray dried

Odor&Taste: perfect with acai berry taste

Solubility: 100% water soluble

Certificate: ISO,KOSHER,HALAL,Organic

Storage: In cool, dry and clean

Shelf life: 2 year

What is Acai Berry Powder?

Euterpe oleracea is a palm tree, indigenous to Central and South America, which produces long-hanging clusters of berries. Acai berry powder has a long history of use in South America, especially Brazil, were it is enjoyed for its healthful qualities. Our acai powder is ground from freeze dried berries to preserve its range of beneficial properties. Acai berry powder can be blended into smoothies, added to cooking recipes, and tinctured.

Organic acai berry powder (or acai berry powder) is made from freeze-dried acai berries: super-fruits with tremendous health benefits. Acai berries have more antioxidants than almost any other fruit and contain high levels of essential fatty acids, amino acids, and dietary fiber. The rich nutritional value of acai berries is retained in our high-quality organic acai powder.

Basic Information:

Product nameAcai Berry Powder,Raw acai berry powder
Latin nameEuterpe Oleracea L.
AppearanceViolet Red Fine Powder
Specificationfruit powder
Part usedFruit
Test methodTLC
Partical size80 mesh
Shelf life2 years

Certificate of Analysis

Sieve Analysis100% pass 80 meshCompliesUSP<786>
Bulk density40-65g/100ml42g/100mlUSP<616>
Loss on Drying5% Max3.67%USP<731>
Sulphated Ash5% Max3.13%USP<731>
Extract SolventWaterComplies
Heavy Metal20ppm MaxCompliesAAS
Pb2ppm MaxCompliesAAS
As2ppm MaxCompliesAAS
Cd1ppm MaxCompliesAAS
Hg1ppm MaxCompliesAAS
Total Plate Count10000/g MaxCompliesUSP30<61>
Yeast & Mold1000/g MaxCompliesUSP30<61>
PAH:Conform with European standard
Conclusion:Conform with specification
Storage:In cool & dry place. Keep away from strong light and heat.
Shelf life:2 years when properly stored.

Acai Berry Powder Benefits:

1.Weight Loss

Commonly, acai berry powder are sought out by those thinking about starting a diet. Although the berry doesn’t directly aid weight loss, it can help significantly with weight loss maintenance.

Acai is a great alternative to sweet cravings and sugar snacks so long as the acai you consume is organic and not processed. Using SMOOTHIE PACKS of acai is a simple and easy way to ensure you consume the proper fruit portions and allowing you to keep track of what you’re putting in your body.

2.Brain Function

Another benefit that makes acai berry powder so special is they are an antioxidant powerhouse, which makes them a great food to boost brain function. Antioxidants are known to fight inflammation and oxidation which promotes brain health by keeping memory, learning, and other cognitive abilities strong. The brain maintains its’ health by clearing out toxic cells by lowering inflammation and stress allows better blood flow to the brain.

3.Heart Health

Similar to boosting brain function, the surplus of antioxidants found in raw acai berry powder can also lower OXIDATIVE STRESS which reduces the risk of heart complications and heart attacks.

This powerful protection comes from the plant compound in acai known as anthocyanin. The level of anthocyanin found in acai berries far surpasses the levels in other healthy fruits like cranberries and blueberries.

4.Full of Nutrition

In addition to antioxidants, acai berry powder are packed with nutrition as they are rich in Omega 3, 6, 9, fatty acids, and dietary fiber. By being high in fiber and monounsaturated (healthy) fats, the berries can be linked to protecting against various heart and brain diseases. Even if you aren’t concerned about diseases, the amount of nutrition makes acai berries a wonderful food to eat post-workout or on days when you are needing a boost in energy.

5.Healthy Skin

The antioxidants found in raw acai berry powder may improve not only your brain and heart health but can aid in healthy skin as well. Healthy skin starts from within, by clearing away toxins in the body. If you’ve been in need of clearing up your skin, try consuming acai berries in the form of purée or powder.You can also opt for oil extracts of acai to use topically on your skin to improve your skin’s appearance. Acai extract oil can be a better solution in contrast to harsher, chemical-based products.

6.Balance Cholesterol Levels

Essential fatty acids like Omega-6 and Omega-9 found in acai can help to reduce cholesterol levels. By reducing these levels, you are greatly improving your overall health and also possibly aiding in weight loss.

7.Reduce Risk of Cancer

Antioxidants are very important in fighting cell damage that can cause cancer. Antioxidant levels are measured by an OXYGEN RADICAL ABSORBANCE CAPACITY (ORAC) score. In acai, it’s been found that 100 grams of pulp has an ORAC score of 15,405!

Acai Berry Powder Application:

1. Acai Berry Extract can be applied in health food field.

(1) Acai Berry Extract Powder has the function of antioxidant,anti-radicalization and anti-aging.

(2) It is good for weight Loss and is helpful for digestion.

(3) Acai Berry Extract can increase energy and improve sleep.

(4) It can enhance mental health,strengthen immune system,improve circulation.

2. Acai Berry Extract can be applied in pharmaceutical field.

(1) Acai Berry Extract Powder can treat acute conjunctivitis, bronchitis, gastritis, enteritis and urinary stones.

(2) It can give you a healthier skin and healthier heart.

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