Agave Inulin Powder

Product Name:Agave Inulin Powder

Specifications: Inulin 90%

Appearance: White fine powder.

Test method: HPLC

CAS NO.: 9005-80-5

EINECS NO: 232-684-3

Molecular formula: C12H22O11.C6H12O6

Molecular Weight: 522.45

Package: 25kg/drum;

Certifications: ISO,KOSHER,Halal,Organic

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What is Agave Inulin Powder?Agave Inulin Powder is a nutritious powder extracted from organic agave tequilana, a species of blue agave native to Mexico. This raw powder is a good source of fiber and a healthy, natural way to mildly sweeten a favorite recipe. Because it is low-glycemic, it does so without spiking your blood sugar. This makes it an excellent healthy alternative to sugar or honey.Agave inulin powder offers a source of dietary fiber that can help to improve digestive health and is associated with a reduced risk of chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular disease (CVD) and type 2 diabetes. Additionally, Organic agave inulin powder promotes digestive/intestinal health through being a prebiotic, which aids the good bacteria in our gut. It may be used along with probotics to create symbiosis between an individual and their gut bacteria. Lastly, it can offer additional benefits of calcium absorption and regulation of glucose.Basic Information:

Product NameAgave Inulin PowderAppearanceWhite Fine PowderShelf Life2 yearsTest MethodHPLCCAS No.9005-80-5Molecular Weight522.45EINECS232-684-3Mlecular FormulaC12H22O11.C6H12O6GradePharmaceutical and foodPart of UsedWhole herbExtraction TypeSolvent Extraction

Botanical Name

Cichorium intybus L.

Extract Solvent


QCISO,GMP,HALALMOQ1 kgParticle Size100% pass 80 meshCertificate of Analysis
ItemsSpecificationAppearanceWhite Fine PowderOderCharacteristicTasteCharacteristicParticle Size100% through 80 MeshLoss on Drying< 5.0%Heavy Metals< 20ppmArsenic(As)< 2ppmLead(Pb)< 2ppmAssay Inulin> 90%Total Plate Count< 10,000cfu/GYeast & Mold< 100cfu/GE.Coli.NegativeSalmonellaNegative
Agave Inulin Powder Benefits:Inulin is packed with an array of health benefits to support your healthy lifestyle. Agave Inulin Powder can help lower visceral fat, which has been associated with increasing the risk of heart disease and diabetes. It also supports digestive health, promotes normal bowel function and stimulates healthy bacteria. The powder does not have a taste and can be added to any foods to increase fiber intake. Agave Inulin Powder comes from the same place that liquid agave does; the plant native to Mexico and is the same place that premium blue agave tequila comes from!
It keeps you full (of fiber)Fiber is any type of carbohydrate the body can’t digest. It moves through the intestines intact and continues into the colon to serve as a food for the bacteria there. Fiber has low caloric value, but it’s essential to good health.The fiber in inulin is soluble, which means it dissolves in water. It dissolves in the stomach and then forms a gelatinous substance that:
slows digestion
increases fullnessreduces cholesterol absorption as it passes through the digestive tractIt promotes digestive healthYour gut contains between 15,000 and 36,000 species of bacteria. Only a small portion of the bacteria in the body has the potential to be harmful. Good bacteria provide many health benefits. Inulin stimulates some of these bacteria to grow.Inulin aids digestion by increasing the number of good bacteria in the gut, particularly Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli.stimulate your immune systemInulin also adds bulk to your stool and increases the frequency of your bowel movements. You may have more bowel movements, but inulin slows overall digestion. This enables your body to better absorb nutrients from the food you eat.Research suggests inulin can also enable the body to better absorb calcium. Calcium creates a stronger skeletal system.
It controls blood sugarInulin slows digestion, including the digestion of carbohydrates. This allows sugar to be released slowly without spiking, which promotes healthy blood sugar levels.A 2015 study revealed that inulin might benefit people with prediabetes. It can act as a potential blood sugar stabilizer when present in your diet over a long period of time.Some research suggests these properties make inulin a good weight management aid.
It could potentially lower your colon cancer riskStudies show that a high intake of dietary fiber, like inulin, is associated with a reduced risk of cancer. Researchers are actively exploring the use of inulin to prevent cancer. As an immune system booster, it may also be a good preventive supplement against cancers of the digestive system. More studies are needed before any strong claims can be made about the effects of inulin on colon cancer.
Application:-Applied in food industry, Inulin is usually used as food additives.-Appplied in the field of cosmetics, Inulin powder is used as an immune modulator.
-Applied in fields of health products and pharmaceutical, used ass immunomodulatory agents and immune-stimulating hormone.

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