Astaxanthin Powder For Humans

Product Name:Astaxanthin Powder for Humans

CAS No.: 472-61-7

Molecular Formula: C40H52O4

Molecular Weight: 596.85

Specification: 1%-10% assay by HPLC

Appearance: Dark Red Powder

Specification: natural Astaxanthin 10% HPLC;

Certifications: ISO,KOSHER,Halal,Organic;

Stock in LA USA warehouse;

Insoluble in water and ethyl;

What is Astaxanthin Powder for Humans?Astaxanthin is a shade having a place with the carotenoid family. It is found in scavangers, fish (particularly wild fish), and different creatures and vegetables that highlight a ruddy tone. In scavangers, it is encircled by a protein and delivered by heat – this is the reason shrimp and lobsters turn red when cooked. The astaxanthin found in the tissue of salmon, especially wild salmon, empowers them to swim upstream to areas more helpful for their generation – without it, they would be not able to achieve this great accomplishment.
Astaxanthin powder for humans is additionally present in enormous amounts in the green growth Haematococcus pluvialis – which is answerable for the rosy shade of the fish that devour it. Engineered astaxanthin is created synthetically also, despite the fact that it is by and large less liked than astaxanthin from characteristic sources.
Astaxanthin helps the wellbeing of joints, skin, and the vascular framework. It is additionally one of the lone cancer prevention agents that can cross both the blood-cerebrum obstruction and the blood-retinal hindrance – permitting both the mind and the eyes to make the most of its advantages. The entirety of our interior organs are responsive to it too.
Basic Information:

Botanical SourceHaematococcus Pluvialis ExtractPart UsedWholesale PartActive IngredientsAstaxanthinAppearanceDark Red PowderFlavor & OdorCharacteristicParticle Size100% Pass 80 MeshPhysical
Loss on Drying≤5.0%Bulk density40-60g/100mlSulphated Ash≤5.0%General StatusNon-irradiatedChemical
Total Microbacterial Count≤1000cfu/gYeast & Mold≤100cfu/gE.ColiNegativeStaphylococcus AureusNegativeSalmonellaNegativeEnterobacteriaceaesNegativeAstaxanthin Powder for Humans Benefits:AntioxidantAstaxanthin powder for humans is a fat-soluble antioxidant that is able to integrate itself into every cell, tissue and organ in the body, therefore is found to provide greater antioxidant protection compared to other carotenoids. Its antioxidant activity also has the capacity to be 6000 times more effective than that of vitamin C, more than 800 times of CoQ10, and 550 times that of vitamin E at neutralizing free radicals.Immune Health
Like other carotenoids, astaxanthin helps strengthen the immune system and reduce inflammation. It can be converted into vitamin A, which plays a significant role in promoting the appropriate function of our immune response, and with its high antioxidant properties, it truly stands out within the list of immune-boosting antioxidants.Eye and Brain Health
Since it is a fat-soluble antioxidant, it can help support in keeping our eyes and central nervous system healthy. It has the ability to cross through the blood-retinal and blood-brain barrier to help reduce the risk of inflammatory-related damage that can lead to conditions such as eye fatigue, cataracts, macular degeneration, dementia or neurological disorders.Heart Health
There is growing research with the potential of astaxanthin and heart health; the high antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties help prevent oxidation of fats and protein in the body and may help protect arterial wall health as well.Physical Activity
For the athletes and fitness gurus, astaxanthin may provide benefits for improved physical activity. Research suggests it helps support with the recovery of muscles by fighting free radicals and reducing muscle soreness, while enhancing endurance, strength and energy levels.Skin Health
This amazing antioxidant also helps support skin health as well. Astaxanthin helps reduce damage caused by ultraviolet radiation from the sun, and helps protect and support healthy skin cell function by improving skin moisture levels and elasticity while reducing wrinkles and spots.Overall, astaxanthin is a powerful antioxidant with reasons to include in your diet. This healthful antioxidant though cannot be produced by the body naturally though, so to gain all of its glorious benefits, we need to add some wild salmon and shrimp to the diet regularly or obtain it through a supplement!
Application:1. Applied in food field, it is mainly used as food additives for pigment and health care;2. Applied in animal feeds field, it is used as an new animal feed additive to impart coloration,including farm-raised salmon and egg yolks;3. Applied in pharmaceutical field, it is mainly used to prevent cancer and anti-oxidant;4. Applied in cosmetic field, it is mainly used to Antioxidant and UV protection;

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