Astragalus Root Powder

Product Name:Astragalus Root Powder

Latin Name:Astragalus membranaceus (Fisch.) Bunge

Part Used: root

Specification : 80mesh , 5:1,10:1,30%-80% polysaccharide;

Test method :TLC & UV;

Appearance : Brown powder;

Application :Use for health care product and food additive;

Advantage :Bulk stock in USA warehouse;


What is Astragalus Root Powder?
Astragalus root has a rich history of use in Asian cultures. The herbaceous perennial is a member of the pea family and is native to China, Mongolia, and North Korea. Historically considered a Qi tonic in Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is often blended into herbal formulas. Our astragalus root powder is ground from organically cultivated Astragalus membranaceus roots. Astragalus root powder is mildly sweet and can be sprinkled on food and whipped into smoothies.Astragalus is an adaptogen that may possess a powerful tool to support the body’s healthy response to various stresses including physical, mental or emotional stress.Our Astragalus Root Extract Powder has a variety of possible antioxidant properties that may help the body naturally inhibit free radical production.Our Astragalus Root Extract Powder is a 10:1 ratio meaning each serving is 10 times more concentrated than the whole root.Analysis:AnalysisSpecificationResultAssay98% HPLCCompliesApperanceWhite PowderCompliesOdorCharacteristicCompliesTasteCharacteristicCompliesParticle Szie100% through 80 mesh80 meshLoss on drying≤5%4.21%Ash≤5%3.77%Heavy metal≤20ppmCompliesExtract SolventWater&EthanolCompliesPb≤1ppmCompliesAs≤2ppmCompliesHgNegativeCompliesTotal bacteria count≤1000cfu/gCompliesFungi≤100cfu/gCompliesAstragalus Root Powder Benefits:
It contains antioxidants, which protect cells against damage. Astragalus is used to protect and support the immune system, preventing colds and upper respiratory infections, lowering blood pressure, treating diabetes, and protecting the liver. Astragalus has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.
1.Uses for AstragalusAstragalus root powder is used in traditional Chinese medicine for night sweats and diarrhea. It is also used for energy tonics that are taken daily at certain times of the year. So far, scientific support for the potential benefits of astragalus is lacking.Some limited studies have provided insight into what health benefits astragalus may be able to provide, but research reviews have generally concluded that most studies are of poor quality.
2.Immune Function
One of the key uses for astragalus, in alternative medicine, is to improve immune function. Although evidence is needed, one of the ways astragalus is said to work is by increasing the production of immune cells. It may also have mild antiviral activity and help with the prevention of colds. There’s little evidence from human studies, however, on the effectiveness of astragalus as an antiviral.3.Heart Disease
Astragalus root extract powder is also used for various heart conditions. It may have a diuretic effect which would lower blood pressure and it may cause blood vessels to relax. It hasn’t been explored in human studies, so it shouldn’t be used as a replacement for conventional care.4.Fatigue and Stamina
There is limited evidence that herbal formulas containing astragalus root powder may be able to help boost strength and stamina in athletes. Additionally, it may help combat fatigue in cancer patients.Application:1. Applied in food field,as the raw material of food, not only nutritious and good for stomach, but aslo have the function of detoxication;2. Applied in pharmaveutical field, promoting blood circulation and regulating breathing, which will help the metabolism;
3. Applied in cosmetic field, keeping skin speckleless and wrinkleless.

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