MF: C8H10N2O4S
MW: 230.24
CAS: 3337-71-1

UPPERCUT;Asulon;methyl sulphanilylcarbamate;ASULAM, 1GM, NEAT;mb 9057;METHYL SULFANILYLCARBAMATE;Methyl [(4-aminophenyl)sulfonyl]carbamate;METHYL 4-AMINOPHENYLSULPHONYLCARBAMATE


Internal adsorption conductive ammonia sulfonyl herbicide. The potion is easily absorbed by plant stems, leaves and roots, and can then be quickly transmitted to the growth point of the underground roots, and the underground roots are inhibited by breathing, loss of reproduction ability, hindering cell division and killing the plant. Because of the obstruction of folic acid synthesis, nucleic acid synthesis is reduced, which is the mechanism of action of this drug. Low temperature and dry air, not conducive to the penetration and conduction of the drug. When the temperature is 25 to 30 degrees C and the relative humidity is high, it is beneficial for the potion to penetrate and conduct into the plant. Sulfonal grass is commonly used in sugar cane, pasture, flax, potatoes, cotton and tea plantations, deciduous orchards, anti-gras and perennial weeds, such as wheat, wild oats, precocious grass, acid mold, Ma Tang, stone thatch, oxen grass, thousands of gold, double-spiked Chem The icalbook, storing, bitter vegetables, duck grass, chicken’s eye grass, etc., also have certain anti-removal effect on shearing, dog sprouts, field, dandelion, jing, etc., and are ineffective for solo dishes, anti-branches, coriander, horse teeth, etc. If weeding in sugar cane fields, it should be administered during periods when the plant is 20 to 40cm high and the weeds are growing vigorously. Anti-removal of annual weeds with 20% water agent 90 to 180mL/100m2, anti-perennial weeds with 20% water agent 180 to 270mL/100m2, all with water 6kg dilution spray on weed stem leaves and soil table. It is reported that when stem and leaf treatment is carried out, adding moisturizers such as neutral laundry detergent 3 to 4.5g can improve the anti-removal effect. In sugarcane fields where broad-leaved weeds occur at a high density, they can be mixed with the de-ed.