Bacopa Monnieri Powder

Product Name:Bacopa Monnieri Powder

Specficiation: Bacopaside 20-50% (HPLC)

Plant sources: Scrophulariaceae Plant

Latin name: Bacopa monnieri(L.) Wettst.

Part used: Whole plant

Active ingredient: Bacopaside,BacosideA,B

Pharmacological action: Prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease, anti-aging, cancer prevention, treatment of depression and dementia

Bacopaside 20-50% (HPLC)


What is Bacopa Monnieri Powder?Bacopa (Bacopa monniera powder) is an herb long used in Ayurveda—the traditional medicine of India. Bacopa is widely promoted as a treatment for memory disorders, anxiety, and thyroid health. However, not all of these benefits are supported by scientific evidence.Bacopa monnieri powder bulk is also referred to as andri, Bacopa monnieri, herb of grace, herpestis herb, Herpestis monniera, Indian pennywort, and water hyssop.
Analysis:ItemSpecificationResultAppearanceBrown powderCompliesOdorCharacteristicCompliesAssay20%compliesSieve analysis100% pass 80 meshCompliesLoss on DryingResidue on Ignition≤1.0%≤1.0%0.12%0.09%Heavy Metal<10ppmCompliesAs<0.5ppmCompliesPb<0.5ppmCompliesCd<0.5ppmCompliesResidual Solvents<100ppmCompliesResidual PesticideNegativeCompliesMicrobiology

Total Plate Count<1000cfu/gCompliesYeast & Mold<100cfu/gCompliesE.ColiNegativeCompliesSalmonellaNegativeCompliesBacopa Monnieri Powder Benefits:1.Memory and Brain FunctionSeveral studies indicate that bacopa monnieri powder may help preserve memory and enhance cognitive function. In a report published in the Journal of Ethnophamacology in 2014, researchers analyzed nine previously published studies assessing the effect of bacopa on cognitive function. In their conclusion, researchers stated that bacopa has the potential to improve cognition, but that large, well-designed trials comparing the supplement to medication are needed.An earlier report also reviewed previously published studies on bacopa for cognitive performance and found some evidence suggesting that the herb extract may improve memory during free-recall tests.
In a 2016 study of 60 college students, researchers found that six weeks of twice-daily treatment with bacopa (at a dose of 300 mg per day) led to improvements in tests relating to cognitive function.
Studies suggest that bacopa monnieri powder bulk may help alter the activity of certain enzymes involved in the stress response, suggesting that bacopa could allow the brain to be prepared to cope under stress.One small study, published in Phytotherapy Research in 2014, assessed the effects of a bacopa monnieri bulk powder in healthy participants engaging in multiple tasks. Researchers found positive cognitive effects, some positive mood effects, and a reduction in cortisol levels in those taking bacopa.
Bacopa Monnieri Powder Application:As Healthy Products ingredients.2.As Nutrition Supplements ingredients.
3.As cosmetic ingredients

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