Bakers Yeast Beta Glucan

Product Name:Bakers Yeast Beta Glucan

Latin Name:Avena sativa L.

Product Code:U-F-028;

Traits:Light yellow powder;

Specification:70% 80%;

Functional application: Improve immunity;


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Yeast-derived beta glucans usually originate in either baker’s yeast beta glucan or brewer’s yeast. Even though both are beta 1,3/1,6 glucan from Saccharomyces cerevisiae, the source matters—the beta glucans extracted from the cell walls of baker’s yeast have a different molecular pattern from that of brewer’s yeast, which can influence the immune-modulating abilities of the final product. Research supports the immune-modulating properties of baker’s yeast beta glucan—but not all strains are the same.

There are many foods and dietary supplement ingredients intended to improve children’s health status and immune function to decrease their susceptibility to common childhood illness. The ability of bakers yeast beta glucan (BYBG) to reduce the number of episodes of common childhood illness in1 to 4 year old children was evaluated in a 12 week randomized, double-blinded, placebo controlled study conducted in China.

Bakers yeast beta glucan significantly decreased total episodes of common childhood infectious illness and episodes of URTI for children ages 12 to 48 months in a daycare setting. Both dosages of BYBG were well tolerated.

Bakers Yeast Beta Glucan-1

Basic Information:

Product nameBakers Yeast Beta Glucan
Latin nameAvena sativa L.
Part usedYeast cell wall
Extraction TypeSolvent Extraction
Test MethodHPLC
Specificationβ-Glucan 70% White to light yellow powder

Water soluble

ApplicationDietary supplements. Pharmaceuticals. Cosmetics.

Bakers Yeast Beta Glucan Benefits

Bakers Yeast Beta Glucan Benefits:

Boosts heart health

There’s solid evidence that bakers yeast beta glucan can boost heart health. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a heart-healthy label for foods that have high amounts of beta glucan, based on this evidence. Several studies suggest that beta glucan may lower cholesterol and triglycerides. One found that eating oats with at least 3 g of beta glucan daily reduced bad cholesterol (LDL) levels between 5 and 7 percent.

Regulates blood sugar levels

It may help reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. It may also improve blood sugar control for those who already have diabetes.

Stimulates immune system

Researchers believe that baker’s yeast beta glucan could have some positive effects on the immune system. However, more research is necessary. Most research to date has been in the form of animal trials. Scientists think beta glucan may be able to stimulate the immune system and help the body fight off disease and infection more effectively. However, the human immune system is complicated and researchers are still learning how it works. It may take some time before we know the exact effects beta glucan has and if it can improve immune system function.

Yeast Beta Glucan Application :

1.Applied in food field.

2.Applied in health product field, to be used as raw material added into health product.

3.Applied in cosmetic field, Can smooth fine wrinkles and improve skin texture.