Balloon Flower Root Extract

Product Name:Balloon Flower Root Extract

Latin Name: Platycodon grandiflorus (Jacq.) A. DC.

Specification Ratio: 4:1~20:1;

Part Used: fruit

Appearance: Brown Yellow Powder

Test Method: TLC

Application :Use for health care product and food additive;

Advantage :Manufacture special offer;


What is Balloon Flower Root Extract?Balloon flower root extract is the dried root extract of Platycodongrandiflorum (Jacq.) A.DC. The main active ingredient is saponins, and it also contains flavonoids, polysaccharides and anthocyanins, fatty acids and fatty oils, trace elements and amino acids. Anthocyanins have the effects of anti-oxidation, elimination of free radicals, lowering of blood cholesterol, anti-tumor and anti-mutation. Anthocyanins have good stability, good water solubility, high content, and have the characteristics of natural pigments. Therefore, while playing a certain physiological function in the human body, platycodon anthocyanins can also be used for natural consumption in food and beverages. pigment.Traditional uses and benefits of Balloon Flower Root Extract and purified platycoside compounds (saponins) from the roots of Platycodon grandiflorum may exhibit neuro-protective, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, anti-allergy, improved insulin resistance, and cholesterol-lowering properties.Balloon flowers are a popular ingredient in a few famous South Korean dishes, especially the seasoned and bibimbap salads. And medicinally it is a common Chinese herbal medicine, which is mainly used to eliminate phlegm, relieve cough, reduce inflammation, lower blood pressure and blood sugar, lose weight, fight tumor, improve human immunity, etc.Traditionally balloon flower root extract has been widely used in various herbal prescriptions, Chinese patent medicine and cosmetics. Today balloon flower root tea and platycodon grandiflorum root extract are much more popular because of their convenience.Other medical uses for Radix Platycodi include the treatment of viral infections and high blood pressure.COA
ItemSpecificationAppearanceBrown Yellow fine powderOderCharacteristicTasteCharacteristicPaiticle sizePass 80 meshLoss on drying≤5%Heavy metals<20ppmAs<2ppmPb<5ppmAssayResultTotal Plate Count<10000cfu/g or <1000cfu/g(Irradiation)Yeast & Mold<1000cfu/g or 100cfu/g(Irradiation)E.ColiNegativeSalmonellaNegative
Balloon Flower Root Extract Benefits:
Balloon Flower Roots are commonly used for treating bronchitis, asthma, hypertension, tuberculosis, diabetes, and other inflammatory diseases in Korea. They are used as a cough suppressant and expectorant for common colds, cough, sore throat, tonsillitis, and chest congestion in China.
1. Stomach ConcernsIf case you suffer from an upset stomach, ulcers, dysentery, or any other gastrointestinal issue, you can count on the balloon flower extract to quickly remedy this pain and discomfort. These ulcer-resistant abilities mainly come from the saponins located in the root of balloon flowers. Additionally, the anti-inflammatory aspect of this herb can help to control digestion and lessen symptoms of hemorrhoids. (1)
2. Liver ParasitesLiver flukes are foul little parasites that can affect many different species, including humans. Balloon flowers have shown ability in the past to protect against various types of parasites, including those in the liver, increasing the organ’s efficiency and boosting your overall metabolism.(2)
3. Heart HealthResearch have far been conducted outside of human test subjects, balloon flower extract has shown an remarkable ability to lower “bad” cholesterol levels and increase “good” cholesterol levels, which results in a lowered chance of developing atherosclerosis, which in turn lowers your chances of suffering a heart attack or a stroke.(3)
4. Respiratory ReliefThe most commonly known benefit of balloon flower extract relates to its impact on the respiratory system. The expectorant properties of the flower’s root help to ease congestion by breaking up phlegm and mucus, which can help relieve colds faster, and remove the bacteria and other pathogens that can thrive in mucus build-up. Additionally, the anti-inflammatory ability of balloon flower can calm sore throats and prevent chest conditions, such as bronchitis.(4)
5. Pain ReliefDue to its analgesic qualities, balloon flower root extract has often been recommended for general pain and inflammation, such as that following an injury or surgery, as well as for patients that suffer from gout, arthritis, and other inflammatory conditions. The active ingredients act quickly on various parts of the body, providing both internal and external pain relief.(5)
6. Anti-allergenic PotentialCertain research have suggested that consuming balloon flower root extract can significantly reduce the severity of allergic reactions by inhibiting some of the histamines that are released by the body when certain substances are encountered. This could be great news for people with chronic or seasonal allergies! (6)

7. Cancer RemedyAlthough there has been some controversy regarding this ability of the plant, research has clearly shown that the active ingredients in balloon flower extract have the ability to reduce the size of tumors related to a number of different cancers. Additionally, antioxidant compounds found in the root of balloon flowers makes them very effective at neutralizing free radicals, which are the dangerous byproducts of cellular respiration that can cause cellular mutation and a wide range of long-lasting diseases, including cancers!

8. Lower blood pressureDue to their ability to reduce cholesterol level chances of getting high blood pressure associated with high cholesterol level is reduced.
9. Immune System BoosterApart from the immune response of antioxidants that balloon flower root extract possesses, it can also encourage the regular immune system to lower your chances of contracting the common cold or influenza.
10. Weight lossWeigh is related mostly with fat accumulation and since the root has chemicals that reduce weight they in turn help in weight reduction. A word of advice always related with any other herbal medicine is that seek medical advice before using any herbal medicine.
Balloon Flower Root Extract Uses:Balloon flower extract and purified platycoside compounds (saponins) from the roots of Platycodon grandiflorum may exhibit neuro-protective, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, anti-allergy, improved insulin resistance, and cholesterol-lowering properties.Roots are commonly used for treating bronchitis, asthma, hypertension, tuberculosis, diabetes, and other inflammatory diseases in Korea.They are used as a cough suppressant and expectorant for common colds, cough, sore throat, tonsillitis, and chest congestion in China.It is widely used there in patent remedies and is also made into cough tablets.Balloon Flower Root Extract contains saponins and is anthelmintic, anti-asthmatic, anti-cholesterolemic, anti-phlogistic, antitussive, astringent, carminative, expectorant, haemolytic, hypoglycaemic, sedative, stomachic, tonic and vermifuge.It lowers blood sugar and cholesterol levels in the liver and inhibits the release of histamine.It is used internally in the treatment of coughs with profuse phlegm, colds, bronchitis, pleurisy, pulmonary abscesses and throat infections.Its roots are used to treat sore throat, cough and other respiratory disorders.Liver flukes are best cured by using balloon flower.Balloon Flower Root Extract is consumed to maintain blood sugar and cholesterol level.Nutrients present in its roots are useful for recovering from fatigue.Chinese use its roots in medicines as it is a wonderful Anti- Inflammatory herb.Water extract of the flower is used to heal ulcers.Its root is a good herbal treatment for Allergies.Root of the plant is used to treat cough, excessive mucus formation in the throat, sore throat, the common cold, flu, bronchitis, abscesses of the mouth and throat, dysentery and pains in the intestinal region.Balloon Flower Root Extract have been used as an anti-cancer treatment in folk medicines.Korean research discovered that the saponins in the herb slowed down the growth of cultured human tumor cells.Saponins can prevent gastric secretion and have ulcer-protective and ulcer-healing properties.One Korean study found that the balloon flower root extract may have potential in treating allergies.Balloon flower extract is one of the eight herbs found in the Japanese folk remedy “Sho-saiko-to-ka-kikyo-sekko” that is used to treat pharyngitis or acute tonsillitis.Platycodon root combines Perilla Leaf and Apricot Seed for the treatment of common cold due to wind-cold.This herb is used along with Licorice Root, Arctium, etc. for sore throat and aphonia caused by exogenous pathogenic factors invading the lung.It works with Licorice Root to treat coughing up fishy phlegm.Balloon flower root is often prescribed for loss of voice.
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