3,4-Dihydro-3-isopropyl-1H-2,1,3-benzothiadiazin-4-one 2,2-Dioxide;Basagran 480;BasaMais;Bazargan;Bentazone solution;Basagran (BASF);Thianon;BENTAZON METHYL DERIVATIVE, 50MG, NEAT
MF: C10H12N2O3S
MW: 240.28
CAS: 25057-89-0

Cut loose and benzene of loose, grass Dan,
Heterocyclic selective tag type of seedlings of herbicides, cut grass loosely in domestic registration and the actual application of crops have rice (live field and transplanting field), corn, wheat, barley, peanuts, sorghum, soybeans, beans, vegetables Chemicalbook beans, peas, onion, potato, sugar cane, tea garden, sweet potatoes, alfalfa, grassland pasture, warm type lawn and some Chinese herbal medicine (radix astragali, Perilla, peppermint, spearmint, etc.), etc., is mainly used to control broadleaf weeds and cyperaceae weeds, on gramineous weeds is invalid.

This product is a kind of tag after type, selective herbicides. Seedling stage, through the blade contact work. When using dry field, through inhibition of photosynthesis blades penetrating conduction to the chloroplast; Paddy field when using, also can be absorbed by roots, conduction to the stem leaf, prevent weeds photosynthesis and water metabolism, make the physiological dysfunction and death. Mainly used for control dicotyledonous weed, paddy field sedges and other endogen weed, therefore the paddy herbicide is good. Can also be used for wheat and barley, soybean, cotton, peanuts, dry field crops such as weeding, such as triangular grass, water sedge, duck tongue grass, felt, flat Biao rod grass, wild Chemicalbook water chestnut, cleavers, smartweed grass, amaranth and quinoa, grass, etc. High temperature fine use effect is good, and vice effect is poorer. Active ingredients dose was 9.8 ~ 30 g / 100 m2. Such as paddy weed control in 3 ~ 4 weeks after the plants, weeds and sedge out and to 3 ~ 5 leaf stage, with 48% liquid agent 20 ~ 30 ml / 100 m2 for water or 25% 45 ~ 60 ml / 100 m2, 4.5 kg of water, when applying pesticide, paddy drained, choose hot sunny day, no wind will agent evenly on the weed stem leaf, 1 ~ 2 d water again, can control cyperaceae weeds and broad-leaved weeds. To weed result is bad

Soy, rice, wheat and peanuts, pasture, tea garden, sweet potato, etc., for use with bed cleaning grass and broad-leaved weeds