Best MCT Oil Powder

Other Name: Medium Chain Tryglycerides powder

MCT Source: Coconut oil or Palm kernel oil

C8C10: 6040/7030

Appearance: White Fine Powder

Specification: 50%,70%,75%

Certifications: ISO,KOSHER,Halal,Organic;

Easy to absorb and digest, high bio-availability;

Bulk Stock in LA USA warehouse;

Test Method: GC

MCT Oil, formally known as medium-chain triglycerides oil, is a clean and fast-acting high-energy source for your body. Best MCT oil powder is a purified saturated fatty acid, extracted from sustainably sourced coconuts.

To make it into a powder, the MCT oil is absorbed into high-quality non-GMO tapioca starch, and then spray-dried. MCT Oil Powder is an ultralight, free-flowing oil powder that is soluble in both hot or cold liquids and can easily be incorporated into baked goods. In addition to improved portability, Best MCT Oil Powder is also gentler on the digestive system than MCT Oil, and can easily be combined with Collagen Peptides for a powerful one-two punch.

MCT oil powder is (quite obviously) a powdered form of MCT oil.In order to change liquid MCTs into a solid powder form, manufacturers mix the oil with a carrier substance (usually a starch), then spray dry the mixture into a powder form. Picture the oil molecules encapsulated by little starchy shells, then sprayed into a powder.

But it’s the thing that turns MCTs into a convenient powder that can also pose a problem for athletes and health geeks who want to stay away from additives.

Carrier powders used in the spray drying process are sometimes proteins, but most often, they’re low-quality starches that are cheap and easy to work with. The starch to MCT ratio will vary from product to product, but MCT powders will generally contain anywhere from 50-80% MCTs, and 20-50% starchy powder. This is not only a problem for people avoiding carbohydrates, which can raise insulin levels and kick you out of ketosis, but it can also be an issue for people with food sensitivities or those who want to stick to a whole foods diet.

Best MCT Oil Powder-1

Product NameMCT oil powder
Full NameMedium Chain Triglycerides micro-encapsulated powder
AppearanceWhite to milky or light yellow powder
Test MethodGC
SourceCoconut oil
StorageCool dry place
Shelf Life2 years

Best MCT Oil Powder Benefits:

There’s a reason MCT oil is so popular. The benefits of supplementing with MCTs range from better cognitive function to fat loss. MCT oil is tasteless, heat stable, and easy to digest. It also mixes well in liquids, especially when you use MCT Creamer.

Adding anywhere from a teaspoon to a couple of tablespoons per day can help you to:

  • Lose stored body fat or maintain a healthy weight
  • Increase your energy
  • Boost brain function and banish brain fog
  • Improve digestion and nutrient absorption
  • Balance specific hormones

This is all great news when it comes to MCT oil, which is what researchers use for nearly all of the published studies on the benefits of MCTs. But what about MCT powder?

Best MCT Oil Powder Benefits


  • Easily add MCTs to powders, other supplements, and baked goods.
  • Add a rich texture to smoothies, coffee, and baked goods.
  • Since the powder is cut with a starch, it’s less likely you’ll experience digestive distress, which is common with high doses of liquid MCTs.
  • Powders are easier to put into single-use packets and are generally easier to travel with.
  • There’s talk of being able to consume more MCTs via the powder form without the digestive distress that can occur when you take too much MCT oil. But there’s no published evidence on this, yet.