Best Onion Powder

1.Product Name:Onion Powder

2.Latin Name: Allium cepa

3.Specification Ratio: 10:1;

4.Appearance: Light yellow powder;

5.Test method: TLC;

6.Rich in flavonoids and selenium;

7.Package: 25kg/drum;

8.Certifications: ISO,KOSHER,Halal,Organic;

9.Stock in LA USA warehouse;

Onion powder is a seasoning made from dehydrated ground onions. This potent-smelling spice is most often used in dry rubs and in marinades to get concentrated onion flavor without the moisture and bulk of the onion bulb itself.

This Onion Powder is the perfect way to add a hint of onion flavor to your favorite marinades, dressings and dips without going through the hassle of chopping all those onions yourself.

Best Onion Powder is traditionally made by grinding dehydrated onion – this production method ensures that the final product is both authentic and flavorful. This Onion Powder has a true onion taste that is flavorful enough to use on its own in seasoning chicken and seafood, but subtle enough to use in combination with other spices like fresh black pepper or sea salt. Use this seasoning to flavor fresh pasta or grilled chicken – you can also use it to create your own seasoning salt by blending it with salt, garlic powder and other spices. Onion Powder can also be used to give frozen pizzas a fresh-from-the-oven taste by sprinkling it over the crust just before baking.

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Basic Information:

AppearanceYellow, crystalline powderYellow, crystalline powder
SolubilityPractically insoluble in waterComplies
Soluble in aqueous alkaline sol.Complies
Loss on drying≤12.0%10.89%
Sulphated ash≤0.5%0.32%
Melting point305-315°C310-312°C
Heavy Metal≤20PPM<10PPM
Mesh size95% pass 80 mesh100% pass 80 mesh
Assay (anhydrous substance) UV≥98%98.92%
Microbiological test
Total plate count≤1000cfu/g<1000cfu/g
Yeast & Mould≤100cfu/g<100cfu/g
Pseudomonas aeruginosaAbsentAbsent
Conclusion: the test results conform to 98% standard.

Best Onion Powder Benefits

onion extract aims at total polyphenol and main flavonoid antioxidants in the onion bulb. The main ingredients are the follows:

Ingredientsmg/kg in red onionmg/kg in yellow onionmg/kg in white onion

Best Onion Powder Benefits:

Onions are rich in antioxidants

They may not be overflowing with vitamins and minerals: One medium onion, which contains about 44 calories, provides 20% of your daily vitamin C needs, and between 5 and 10% of of the DV for B6, folate, potassium, and manganese. But onions are chock-full of antioxidants. They supply dozens of different types, including quercetin, a potent anti-inflammatory compound. The outer layers of an onion pack the greatest antioxidant punch.

They may protect against cancer

In a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, researchers looked at how often people in Italy and Switzerland ate onions and another Allium vegetable, garlic. They found that among the populations studied, there was an inverse link between the frequency of use of these veggies and the risk of several common cancers—meaning the more onions and garlic people ate, the lower the cancer rate.

And improve bone density

One study that looked at perimenopausal and postmenopausal Caucasian women 50 and older found a link between onion consumption and bone health. Women who ate onions more frequently had better bone density, and decreased their risk of hip fracture by more than 20% compared to those who never ate onions.

Onions also support healthy digestion

That’s because they’re rich in inulin, a type of fiber that acts as a prebiotic. In a nutshell, prebiotics serve as food for probiotics, and help those beneficial microbes flourish. Inulin also helps prevent constipation, improve blood sugar regulation, boost nutrient absorption, and support healthy bone density. It’s possible it can support weight loss too, by curbing appetite.

They may help lower cholesterol

One interesting study looked at overweight or obese women with polycystic ovary syndrome. In this randomized controlled clinical trial, the patients were assigned to either a high onion diet (consisting of raw red onion) or a low onion diet. After eight weeks, researchers found decreases in the cholesterol levels in both groups, but the drop was greater (including the reduction in “bad” LDL cholesterol) among the people eating a high onion diet. Another study tracked 24 women with mildly high cholesterol and found that those who drank onion juice daily for eight weeks had reductions in total cholesterol, LDL, and waist measurements compared to those who downed a placebo.

And onions make tomatoes better for you too

Food synergy is the idea that the benefits of eating two specific foods together outweigh the benefits of eating each food separately. That seems to be the case with onions and tomatoes: Scientists believe sulfur compounds in onions boost the absorption of lycopene, an antioxidant in tomatoes tied to protection against cancer and heart disease, as well as brain, bone, and eye health. Fortunately, tomatoes and onions make a delicious combination in omelets, salads, soups, and sautés.