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Product Name:Best Spirulina Powder

Appearance: Green powder

Purity: 100% pure spirulina powder

Appearance:green fine powder.

Mesh Size:100% through 80 mesh

3.KOSHER, HALAL,Certificates;

4.Spirulina is feed grade and food grade according to application;

What is Best Spirulina Powder?Our certified Best Spirulina Powder is one of the most complete superfoods on the planet. Boasting an extensive range of vitamins and minerals, a wide spectrum of 18 amino acids and a richness of healthy chorophyll, Spirulina is a superfood you’ll want in your daily routine!Spirulina is algae that in its natural form grows in fresh lakes, rivers and ponds. Organic spirulina is grown in a laboratory type setting or man-made pool. Spirulina is one of the highest sources of chlorophyll. That’s where the green coloring comes from that will tint your glass of water or the recipes spirulina powder is added to. Chlorophyll is also what makes spirulina a great detoxifier for your body.Basic Information:Appearance:Raw Spirulina PowderOdor:CharacteristicProtein:55% Min.Ash:8% Max.Moisture:8%Max.Arsenic mg/kg:1Max.Pb mg/kg3 Max.Cd mg/kg:1 Max.Hg mg/kg0.1 Max.Bacteria Count:10000cfu/g Max.E Coli MPN/100g:40Max.Pathogenic Bacteria:NegativeBest Spirulina Powder Benefit and Uses:
#1: A complete source of protein.Best spirulina powder contains all of the amino acids essential to human health. One tablespoon of spirulina = 7 grams protein#2: Unlike almost all other plant foods, spirulina is a good source of vitamin B12.Many vegetarians and vegans are deficient in this crucial vitamin, which plays an important role in energy production and proper neurological function. One tablespoon of spirulina = 250% of your Daily Value for vitamin B12.#3: Spirulina is high in beta carotene.Best spirulina powder has an exceptionally high concentration of beta-carotene and mixed carotenoids and powerful antioxidants that help quench free radicals. To equal the amount of beta-carotene, you would need to consume 18 carrots to get what is found in 1 tablespoon spirulina.#4: Spirulina is good for your immune system.
This magical green powder is incredibly high concentrations of phycocyanin. Which is a powerful anti-inflammatory that benefits immune systems weakened by toxic drugs.#5: 1 Tablespoon is full of fiber.
A diet that is rich in fiber may improve your overall health, improve bowel health and help control blood sugar. One tablespoon of spirulina = 2 grams fiber.#6: May aid in a healthy heart.
A diet rich in folate may help reduce depression, improve your heart and reduce your risk of cancer. One tablespoon of spirulina = 110% of your Daily Value for folate.#7: May improve your body functions.
Having adequate iron in your diet can help support vital functions in the body. Iron also boosts energy, gastrointestinal and the immune system. One tablespoon of spirulina = 30% of your Daily Value for iron. For the record, you would need to eat 21 ounces of spinach to get the same amount of iron found in 1 tablespoon spirulina.#8: May lower your risk to certain cancers.Vitamin A is another essential vitamin to your overall health. Having adequate Vitamin A supports healthy bones, a healthy immune system and may lower your risk to certain kinds of cancer. One tablespoon of spirulina = 900% of your Daily Value for vitamin A.#9: Helps support wound healing and bone health.Best spirulina powder can provide 50% of your daily vitamin K needs in just 1 tablespoon. By keeping your vitamin K in balance, you’re support your overall bone health and wound healing. One tablespoon of spirulina = 50% of your Daily Value for vitamin K.#10: May improve your energy levels.Spirulina is rich in a broad spectrum of B vitamins. Having enough vitamin B means that your body will be able to have health cells, healthy growth of red blood cells, improved overall energy and healthy brain function. It can also help with your digestion, appetite and proper nerve function.#11: May improve metabolism levels.
Spirulina is rich in a special anti-inflammatory “super fat” GLA (gamma linolenic acid). Some naturopathic physicians actually prescribe GLA supplements to improve sensitivity to insulin and assist with weight loss. It can also reduce blood pressure and hormone-mediated nuisance symptoms (bye-bye PMS or hot flashes).Hemp seeds are among the very few non-supplement food sources of “super fat” GLA, but next to mother’s milk, spirulina is the richest natural food source.#12: Helps reduce inflammation.
Spirulina green powder also contains highly anti-inflammatory omega-3 fats. This type of omega-3 can help reduce inflammation in the body, and some studies show that there could be benefits for heart health, brain function and diabetes.#13: Provides the calcium for strong bones.
One tablespoon of spirulina contains as much calcium as the equivalent of 3 glasses of cow’s milk. Getting adequate calcium will support your bone health, muscles and nerves.#14: May enhance overall wellbeing.
Spirulina green powder is exceptionally rich in naturally detoxifying chlorophyll. Consuming 3 ounces of fresh wheat grass will get the same chlorophyll found in 1 tablespoon spirulina.
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