MF: C23H22ClF3O2
MW: 422.87
CAS: 82657-04-3


Biphenyl chrysanthemum ester toxic medium for people and livestock, the drug has the very high close cooperation in the soil, high insecticidal activity, the insects have stomach poison, tag, used in a variety of crops to control aphids, mites, cotton bollworm, pink bollworm, small peach budworm, leafhoppers and other insect pests.

Quasi deinsectization strain insecticidal, acaricidal agent. With strong down effect, broad spectrum, efficient, quick, long residual effect on the characteristic, function and stomach toxicity to tag function is given priority to, no inner absorption effect. Inchworm can be used for the prevention and control of cotton bollworm, pink bollworm, tea, tea caterpillar, apple or hawthorn starscream, small peach budworm, cabbage aphid, caterpillar, the moth, citrus leaf moth, etc. Such as the prevention and control of cotton bollworm, pink bollworm eggs hatch in the second and third generation stage, young bug eat by moth into the buds, bell before, or the prevention and treatment of cotton starscream, in a, in case of issue of mite with 10% oil 3.4 ~ 6 ml / 100 m2 for water 7.5 ~ 15 kg or 4.5 ~ 6 chemicalbookml / 100 m2 of 7.5 kg of water spray.
And can and to build a bridge of cotton aphid, insect, leaf roller, bionomics, thrips, etc. Prevention and treatment of inchworm, tea caterpillar, tea fine moth, with 10% oil of 4000 ~ 10000 times liquid spray.
To insecticidal and acaricidal, cotton, vegetables, fruit trees, such as tea pests has good control effect
Prevention and control of cotton bollworm, cotton starscream, small budworm peach, pear small budworm, hawthorn leaf mites, citrus red spider, macular bugs, bugs, tea wing cabbage aphid, caterpillar, plutella xylostella, eggplant red spider, tea and so on more than 20 fine moth pests, inchworm greenhouse whitefly, tea, tea caterpillar.