Black Maca Root Powder

Product Name:Maca Root Powder

Latin Name: Lepidium meyenii

Description: Extracted from the root of Maca

Appearance: Light Brown yellow Powder

Active ingredient: Macamide and Macaenes

Specification: 4:1,10:1,20:1 or customized

Man healthcare product material;

Certifications: ISO,KOSHER,Halal,Organic;

Stock in LA USA warehouse;

Place of origin is Peru;

What is Black Maca Root Powder?Black maca root powder was a sacred crop of the Incas, with Black Maca being the most rare and valuable. Its dark pigments and adaptogenic compounds are known to improve hormone balance and libido in men and women, and may increase potency in men.
Organic black maca powder was cherished by Incan warriors for its power to increase energy, stamina and strength for battle. Today, athletes are enjoying the same benefits discovered centuries ago.
Grown at a high elevation in its native habitat in the Peruvian Andes, our Black Maca Powder is simply made by grinding sun-dried roots into a fine powder.
Basic Information:Product nameBlack Maca Root PowderLatin nameLepidium meyenii WalpPlace of OriginYuannan ChinaPart usedRootExtraction TypeSolvent ExtractionActive IngrdientsMaca extractTest MethodTLCSpecifications10:1 20:1ApplicationMan Healthcare Supplements . PharmaceuticalBlack Maca Root Powder Benefits:1. Antioxidant LevelsA study published in 2018 compared the functional biological activities of the 3 main phenotypes of Maca. The study concluded that the lipids and polysaccharides of black maca root powder showed higher antioxidant effect than red and yellow. Red was less than 10% behind black and yellow about 25%.
2. MetabolismA study published in “Frontiers in Pharmacology” in 2018 found that Black Maca extract prevents metabolism disorders by helping regulate glucose, which is an important metabolite for humans. The brain requires about 50% of its calories from glucose and red blood cells subsist exclusively on glucose. This study showed that Black Maca enhances the production of glucose in the body and may thereby support a healthier metabolism.
3. Sperm ProductionFrom 2006 to 2016 there have been several significant independent studies done on how black colored roots of maca affect both sperm production and sperm motility. The first significant study, published in 2006, found that Black Maca was the only color to effectively support the production of sperm among rats tested. It also found that, “Black Maca affects sperm count as early as 1 day after beginning of treatment.”
4. Memoryblack maca root on earth
In 2011 two different studies, one from China and one from Peru, found that black maca root powder helped laboratory mice improve their memory and concentration skills.
5. Bone HealthIn 2010 a team of 6 researchers reported that Red and organic black maca powder were found to be the best at improving and protecting bone structure especially in mice that had their ovaries removed.
6. Improving Mood, Learning and ConcentrationIn 2006 a Peruvian team observed that while all maca colors contributed favorably to reducing depression, raw organic black maca powder also improved the learning and concentration abilities of laboratory mice.Black Maca Root Powder Application:1.Applied in food field, organic maca powder is used as an anti-aging food;2.Applied in health food field, raw organic maca powder is also used as an afrodyn;3.Applied in pharmaceutical field, maca powder organic is used to treat organ dysplasia,premature ejaculation and male impotence
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