Black Raspberry Extract

Product Name: Raspberry fruit powder

Latin Name:. Rubus Chingii Hu

Specification: Powder

Synonyms: Bilberry fruit powder

Appearance: pink powder

Mesh size: 80 Mesh

Used Part: Fruit

Grade: Food & Medical

Applying: Food, Beverage


Free Sample: 15-20g

Instant solubility;

Contains organic acids, sugars and a small amount of vitamin C, as well as triterpene ingredients ellagic acid, fupenzic acid;

Nice color and good taste;

Black raspberry extract are low in calories, carbohydrates, and fat, making them one of the most beneficial fruits to include in a balanced diet. Black Raspberries are among the top ten foods containing the highest antioxidant levels.

Studies indicate that berries may contain some of the highest levels of phytoestrogens. These compounds act as a natural form of estrogen and are thought to produce health benefits for women because of their possible roll in prevention of both breast and cervical cancer.

Our 100% pure, organic, raw freeze dried Black Raspberry Extract is the most potent form of Black Raspberry available and contains the entire fruit including the seeds.

black raspberry fruit extract


Product NameBlack Raspberry Extract,Black Raspberry Powder
Latin NameLycium barbarum L.
Active IngredientRaspberry Ketone
SpecificationRaspberry Ketone 4%, 98%,99%
Part UsedWhole Fruit
AppearanceBrown Or White Powder
Extract MethodHPLC/UV
Extract MethodWater/Alcohol Extract
Heavy Metal<10PPM
Total plate count<10,000cfu/g
Pesticide ResidueConform to USP
Solvent ResidueConform to USP

black raspberry extract benefits

Black Raspberry Extract Benefits:

1. Anti-cancer

Scientific research has showed that black raspberry extract blocked the growth as well as development of the breast, prostate, colon, and oral cancer. Black raspberries were also confirmed to be successful at treating Barrett’s esophagus. In a research, 20 patients who suffered from Barrett’s esophagus were provided with freeze-dried black raspberries and a result showed an increase in markers of detoxification along with oxidative stress that showed a proven reduction as well.

2. Weight loss

In case if you are trying to lose weight, you may check out the nutritional values of black raspberry fruit extract. A cupful of black raspberries consists only 60 calories; they have only two grams of protein, and are high in fiber. Whenever you eat foods that are rich in fiber they will keep you fuller for longer. They are just about fat free and have no cholesterol. They will increase your energy levels which in turn will raise your metabolism. This will help you burn off the foods that you are eating so they don’t get stored as fat.

3. Improves cardiovascular issues

Black raspberry extract have been found to improve endothelial function in those who were at a high risk for heart disease. Research carried out in South Korea proved the effects of black raspberry extract on a short-term basis. Black raspberries help to maintain and repair the vascular system. Of the 51 patients, those that received the black raspberries realized an increase in the circulation of the endothelial progenitor cells and reduced the risk of cardiovascular issues in people with metabolic syndrome.

4. Blood pressure

The journal called Nutrition published the results of a study that followed 45 people who were pre-hypertensive. The first group took a daily capsule of dried black raspberry extract powder that was equivalent to 1500 mg of black raspberries each day. The next group took a capsule of dried black raspberry powder that was a little stronger; it equaled 2500 mg of black raspberries. The last group was given a placebo. At the end of eight weeks, the group that took the higher dosage realized a significant reduction in their systolic blood pressure. This result has proven that Regular use of black raspberry fruit extract is quite beneficial for those who are suffering from high blood pressure issues.

5. Health of eyes

Black raspberry extract consist of huge amount of Anthocyanins, which are proven to help promote and maintain the health of your eyes. Black raspberry consists of more anthocyanins as compared to wild blueberries. Some other popular benefits of these berries are improved night vision, extra circulation through the capillaries of the retina, decreased chances of retinopathy in patients with diabetes, and a safeguard against macular degeneration.

6. Builds immune system

Black raspberry extract powder are brimming with antioxidants, minerals, and polyphenols that all work together to boost, and build, the immune system. Antioxidant properties help the immune system by killing off the free radicals that can come about through normal everyday occurrences as well as exposure to environments that have a questionable background.

black raspberry extract application

Black Raspberry Extract Application:

1.It is applied in food field, it is added into kinds of beverage, liquor and foods as functional food additive.

2.It is applied in health product field, it is widely added into various kinds of health products to prevent chronic diseases or relief symptom of climacteric syndrome.

3.It is applied in cosmetics field, it is widely added into the cosmetics with the function of delaying aging and compacting skin, thus make skin much smooth and delicate.

4.It is applied in pharmaceutical field, it is widely added into the medicine which can be used in treating chronic diseases such as cardio-cerebrovascular disease, kidney disease, diabetes mellitus.