Black Raspberry Powder

Product Name: Raspberry fruit powder

Latin Name:. Rubus Chingii Hu

Specification: Powder

Synonyms: Bilberry fruit powder

Appearance: pink powder

Mesh size: 80 Mesh

Used Part: Fruit

Grade: Food & Medical

Applying: Food, Beverage


Free Sample: 15-20g

Instant solubility;

Contains organic acids, sugars and a small amount of vitamin C, as well as triterpene ingredients ellagic acid, fupenzic acid;

Nice color and good taste;

Black Raspberry Powder are an all-American superfruit brimming with cancer prevention agent polyphenols and anthocyanins to help you stay healthy. Undersun has been cautiously creating dark raspberry items for more than 7 years for analysts, clinical investigations, and furthermore straightforwardly for clients. Each pack of powder is produced using around 500 entire black raspberries, developed by our accomplice family cultivates in Oregon, and has no additional sugars, flavors, or additives.

Our ensured natural premium Black Raspberry Powder is liberal in its flavor. Our black raspberries are developed and stuffed on our family-possessed, fourth era ranch. In the core of the Willamette Valley in Oregon. In the wake of being collected at the pinnacle of the period, they are frozen and prepared into powder each bunch in turn as we need them. This guarantees the finished result is tasty, and new for our clients. Each clump is handled flawlessly with no added substances, or perseverates. Our berries are developed with natural cultivating rehearses that remineralize the dirt and makes our berries more supplement thick.

Our Black Raspberry Extract Powder is ideal for smoothies, heating, dressings, juices, shakes, granola, yogurt, frozen yogurt, jams, jams, cereal, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

black raspberry extract powder


Product NameBlack Raspberry Powder
Latin NameLycium barbarum L.
Active IngredientRaspberry Ketone
SpecificationRaspberry Ketone 4%, 98%,99%
Part UsedWhole Fruit
AppearanceBrown Or White Powder
Extract MethodHPLC/UV
Extract MethodWater/Alcohol Extract
Heavy Metal<10PPM
Total plate count<10,000cfu/g
Pesticide ResidueConform to USP
Solvent ResidueConform to USP

Black Raspberry Benefits and Uses:

Black raspberry powder is a plant. The fruit (berry) is a familiar food. The berry, along with the leaf, is also used to make medicine. Some people take black raspberry powder to treat stomach pain, bleeding, for prediabetes, high blood pressure, metabolic syndrome, and to prevent cancer.

1.High blood pressure. Early research shows that taking black raspberry powder by mouth for 8 weeks does not lower most blood pressure measurements in people at risk of developing high blood pressure.

2.Prediabetes. Early research shows that taking black raspberry extract powder by mouth for 12 weeks does not decrease fastingblood sugar or improve average blood sugar or insulin resistance in people with prediabetes.

3.Metabolic syndrome. Early research shows that in addition to following a specific diet called the “DASH” diet, taking black raspberry extract powder for 12 weeks does not decrease blood pressure in people with metabolic syndrome. But it may improve how well blood flows through blood vessels.

4.Mouth cancer. Early research shows that applying a black raspberry powder gel directly to lesions in the mouth for 3 months, decreases the size and severity of the lesions in people with mouth cancer. But applying black raspberry gel doesn’t seem to prevent the lesions from coming back later on.

5.Stomach pain.


7.Preventing cancer.

8.Other conditions.

More evidence is needed to rate the effectiveness of black raspberry for these uses.

black raspberry benefits

Black Raspberry Powder Application:

1.It is applied in food field, it is added into kinds of beverage, liquor and foods as functional food additive.

2.It is applied in health product field, it is widely added into various kinds of health products to prevent chronic diseases or relief symptom of climacteric syndrome.

3.It is applied in cosmetics field, it is widely added into the cosmetics with the function of delaying aging and compacting skin, thus make skin much smooth and delicate.

4.It is applied in pharmaceutical field, it is widely added into the medicine which can be used in treating chronic diseases such as cardio-cerebrovascular disease, kidney disease, diabetes mellitus.