Blackcurrant Extract

Product Name: Blackcurrant extract

Form: Powder

Appearance: Dark red purple fine powder

Part Used: Fruit

Active ingredient: Anthocyanidins

Specification: 25%

Test Method : TLC

Shelf life: 2 Years

Storage: Cool dry place


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What is Blackcurrant Extract?Blackcurrant extract are often marketed as functional foods and nutraceuticals due to the health-promoting properties of black currant’s unique anthocyanin profile. Now there is also significant scientific research in support of black currant being used to enhance immune function, combat inflammation, and to improve vision.
People use the whole blackcurrant powder, from the leaves to the seeds, for many conditions. The most common form is blackcurrant seed oil, but you can also make infusions and teas out of the plant’s leaves, fresh or dried.Basic Information:Black Currant ExtractActive Ingredient: 25%Anthocyanidins

Type:Herbal extractForm:Dark violet fine powderBotanic Name:Ribes nigrum L.Specification:5%-25% is availableSynonyms:Groseille Noir, Grosella NegraIdentification Test:TLCPart:Berry (Fresh, 100% Natural)Content Test:UV-VISCountry of Origin:EuropeaSolubility:Good soluble in waterExtraction Method:Water/ethanol

COAANALYSISSPECIFICATIONRESULTSAppearanceDark red purple fine powderCompliesOdorCharacteristicCompliesAssay(HPLC)25%CompliesSieve analysis100% pass 80 meshCompliesLoss on DryingResidue on Ignition≤5.0%≤5.0%3.9%4.2%Heavy Metal<20ppmCompliesResidual Solvents<0.5%CompliesResidual PesticideNegativeCompliesTotal Plate Count<1000cfu/gCompliesYeast & Mold<100cfu/gCompliesE.ColiNegativeCompliesSalmonellaNegativeComplies
Blackcurrant Extract Benefits1.Vitamin superstarBlackcurrants contain many vitamins, such as:A
B-5B-6B-1EThe most significant is vitamin C. In fact, blackcurrant extract carry four times the amount of vitamin C as oranges, and double the amount of antioxidants as blueberries. The benefits of vitamin C are many. The body uses vitamin C to metabolize protein and form collagen, which is essential for skin care and anti-aging.2.Boosts immune system
In addition to vitamin C, blackcurrants have plenty of antioxidants and anthocyanins. These can help strength your immune system, soothe sore throats, and ease flu symptoms.
Blackcurrant leaves also have a range of properties, including:
antimicrobialanti-inflammatoryantiviralantitoxicantisepticanticancerOne study showed that blackcurrant supplements enhanced the immune response in people who exercised regularly. They could also train harder for longer periods of time.
Another study of healthy older adults showed that blackcurrant seed oil boosted the immune system.
3.Joint jump starterBlackcurrant powder have a direct effect on your body’s inflammatory response.Blackcurrant seed oil contains gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), a type of omega-6 fatty acid that’s been said to help ease inflammation in the body. The high GLA and anthocyanin content can help reduce joint or muscle:
painstiffnesssorenessdamageIn some studies, GLA supplements were so effective that participants with rheumatoid arthritis could reduce their usual pain medications.
4.Plaque punisher and heart helperGrape-based drinks like wine and juice are known to help decrease plaque buildup, but blackcurrant juice, as well as pomegranate juice, is far more potent.
Blackcurrant extract is high in potassium and GLA, which can help lower your blood pressure too. The GLA also helps cells in your heart resist damage and slows down platelet clumping in your blood vessels.
In addition, one study found that blackcurrant powder increased heart blood flow and decreased overall peripheral resistance. This suggests that pure blackcurrant powder may help you recover after exercise.
While hard to find in most U.S. stores, the blackcurrant-based drink Ribena is very popular in the U.K.

5.Skin sootherAlthough there isn’t much scientific research about blackcurrant seed oil and its effectiveness for skin conditions, the National Psoriasis Foundation recommends the oil to help ease psoriasis symptoms.
Taken orally, blackcurrant seed oil can help slow the growth and development of psoriasis patches. It also can be applied directly to dry, itchy, or stinging skin.
6.Easy on the eyesResearch shows that GLA and linoleic acid, which are found in vitamin C, may be promising for treating dry eye. Thankfully, pure blackcurrant powder are packed with both of those.
Clinical trials with blackcurrants found that these berries improve eye function, including:
the eyes’ ability to adapt to the darkslowed progression of visual field deterioration in people with glaucomasymptoms of visual fatiguePeople who do computer work every day may benefit from blackcurrant supplements. One study found that 1 tablespoon of blackcurrant berries reduced visual fatigue two hours afterward.Blackcurrant Extract Application:1.It can applied in food & beverage field .2.It can applied in health care product.
3.It can applied in cosmetic field.
4. It can applied in pharmaceutical field.

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