Bladderwrack Powder

Product Name: Bladderwrack Powder

Latin Name: Fucus vesiculosus

Specification: 4:1 – 10:1

Test Method: TLC

Part of used: Whole herb

Appearance: Brown fine powder

Certifications: ISO,KOSHER,Halal,Organic;

Packing :25kgs/drum or 1kg/bag;

Stock in LA USA warehouse;

What is Bladderwrack Powder?Bladderwrack powder is a kind of brown algae that grows on the rocks on the shore. It grows on the coast of Brittany, France, where there are abundant marine life. It can be harvested at low tide. Its algae body is dark brown, bifurcated branches and flat horn-shaped leaves. Glutamate, which has moisturizing properties, can increase the softness and smoothness of the skin. Women in Brittany are used to mixing fucus and other marine plants into a moisturizing lotion to soothe the skin after sun exposure.
Bladderwrack powder(Fucus Vesiculosus) is also known as rockweed, red fucus, dyers fucus, rock wrack, black tang, and bladder fucus. Growing up to 35 inches (90 cm) tall, bladderwrack grows along the coastlines of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, the North and Baltic Seas, and various waters in Canada and the United States.Trusted SourceTraditional medicinal practices have used it for centuries to treat an array of conditions, such as iodine deficiency, obesity, joint pain, aging skin, digestive issues, urinary tract infection, and thyroid dysfunction, including hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, and goiter development.Rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, many people believe that bladderwrack’s impressive nutrient profile can provide health benefits, though critics argue the claims are ahead of the research.

Basic Information:Product nameBladderwrack PowderLatin nameFucus vesiculosusHarvest seasonEvery Summer and AutumnPart usedWhole HerbExtraction TypeSolvent ExtractionCas No84696-13-9Test MethodTLCApplicationDietary Supplement

Benefits:Bladderwrack Powder is also used for obesity, arthritis, joint pain, “hardening of the arteries” (arteriosclerosis), digestive disorders, heartburn, “blood cleansing,” constipation, bronchitis, emphysema, urinary tract disorders, and anxiety. Other uses include boosting the immune system and increasing energy.
1.Potent Source of IodineBladderwrack was the source of iodine back in the 19th century. Iodine is an important modulator of our thyroid gland and can ensure that our hormonal and metabolic activities are under control. Therefore, as a powerful source of iodine, bladderwrack has become associated with treating many types of thyroid disorders, including goiter.2.May Aid In Weight LossIn many cultures, bladderwrack is thought to heighten metabolism, which makes it easier to lose weight. Many weight loss supplements do contain bladderwrack in combination with other herbs, because of its effect on the workings of the thyroid gland.3.Reduced Inflammation
One of the other popular uses of bladderwrack over the years has been as an anti-inflammatory substance due to its active constituents – fucoidans and fucoxanthin. Whether you are suffering from gout, arthritis, hemorrhoids, or skin irritation, bladderwrack may successfully neutralize the irritation, reduce swelling, and even relieve pain.4.Improved DigestionThere are several different types of fiber found in bladderwrack, but one particularly important one is alginic acid. Alginic acid relieves constipation and adds bulk to stool, promoting a smooth digestive process that is efficient in terms of nutrient uptake.5.May Boost Heart HealthResearch studies have linked bladderwrack with higher levels of HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol), which may contribute to helping you prevent atherosclerosis, lowering blood pressure, reducing your risk of strokes and heart attacks, and generally lessen the strain on your cardiovascular system.6.Anti-aging PropertiesThere are many valuable minerals found in bladderwrack that can help to make the skin beautiful, but there are also powerful organic chemicals that can slow down the agingprocess. These antioxidants in bladderwrack keep the skin looking healthy and young, reduce age spots and blemishes, and lessen the appearance of wrinkles. Antioxidants can also boost skin elasticity, keeping your skin looking tight and toned well into your old age.7.Menstrual Cycle Regularity in Premenopausal Women
Dietary bladderwrack powder may help increase the duration of the menstrual cycle in premenopausal women and may also help reduce the risk of diseases related to estrogen.8.Other BenefitsCertain active compounds present in bladderwrack are being studied for their possible health benefits. Fucoidan is being studied as a potential therapy against age-related macular degeneration. Calcium alginate in alginic acid may assist in wound healing. Alginic acid has also shown to have an inhibitory effect on the HIV virus in a test tube study.
1.Applied in health food field, be widely used in food additives industry, which can be added into the dairy, beverage, health care products, pastries, cold drinks, jelly, bread, milk and so on;2.Applied in cosmetic field, it is a kind of water-soluble polymer natural extracts with sntiphlogistic sterilization effect. So it can be used as a new type of high moisturizing instead of glycerin;3.Applied in pharmaceutical field, it is the raw material of new tradition medicine which is often added in kidney products.

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