Bulk Onion Powder

1.Product Name:Bulk Onion Powder

2.Latin Name: Allium cepa

3.Specification Ratio: 10:1;

4.Appearance: Light yellow powder;

5.Test method: TLC;

6.Rich in flavonoids and selenium;

7.Package: 25kg/drum;

8.Certifications: ISO,KOSHER,Halal,Organic;

9.Stock in LA USA warehouse;

Onion has a since quite a while ago, entwined history with people. There is proof that Allium cepa has been developed in Egypt for centuries. Regularly eaten with garlic, vegetables, proteins, and a variety of flavors, onion is a famous culinary fixing. Our natural dried onion powder is finely ground and can be added to preparing blends, culinary dishes, or utilized topically in skincare equations for its advantageous properties.

The natural nursery vegetable has numerous restorative applications, is not difficult to develop and can be controlled in a huge number of ways. It has certain disinfectant properties and was spent through the Civil War for cleaning wounds. Can be utilized in teas and is seldom found typified. Onions and soy are utilized as a vegetarian option in contrast to chicken soup for colds. Onions are individuals from the lily family.

Bulk onion powder will dry out and get solidified when presented to conditions with low moistness and is particularly basic during the dry Summer months. It will get steady again once presented to dampness or when the normal mugginess of your district returns. Try not to utilize this item when there is bountiful perspiring.

onion powder bulk

Basic Information:

AppearanceYellow, crystalline powderYellow, crystalline powder
SolubilityPractically insoluble in waterComplies
Soluble in aqueous alkaline sol.Complies
Loss on drying≤12.0%10.89%
Sulphated ash≤0.5%0.32%
Melting point305-315°C310-312°C
Heavy Metal≤20PPM<10PPM
Mesh size95% pass 80 mesh100% pass 80 mesh
Assay (anhydrous substance) UV≥98%98.92%
Microbiological test
Total plate count≤1000cfu/g<1000cfu/g
Yeast & Mould≤100cfu/g<100cfu/g
Pseudomonas aeruginosaAbsentAbsent
Conclusion: the test results conform to 98% standard.

bulk onion powder benefits

onion extract aims at total polyphenol and main flavonoid antioxidants in the onion bulb. The main ingredients are the follows:

Ingredientsmg/kg in red onionmg/kg in yellow onionmg/kg in white onion

Bulk Onion Powder Benefits:

Onion, being such an adaptive plant, is a great source of essential nutrients our body needs. Let’s explore the most valuable and well-known health benefits of onions.

Oral Care

Onions are often used to prevent tooth decay and oral infections. Chewing raw onions for 2 to 3 minutes can potentially kill all the germs present in the oral area and surrounding areas like the throat and lips.

Boost Immunity

The phytochemicals present in significant amounts in onions act as stimulants for vitamin C within the body. Vitamin C boosts your immune system by fighting against toxins and various foreign bodies that can lead to diseases and illness.

Reducing the risk of Heart Ailments

Bulk onion powder act as anticoagulants, also known as blood thinners, which prevent the red blood cells from forming clumps. According to a report by Dr. [5] Barry S. Kendler from Manhattan College, that use of certain formulations of garlic and/or onion is positively linked to preventing and reducing the risk of atherosclerotic disease. These blocks and clots can lead to heart disorders or cardiovascular diseases.

Manage Diabetes

Onions contain chromium, which is a relatively unusual mineral to be found naturally in food. Chromium helps the body manage blood sugar levels and ensures a slow, gradual release of glucose to the muscles and body cells. Furthermore, in a research report published in the Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology, it was found that onion juice, when given to people with diabetes along with their food, helped control hyperglycemia (high blood sugar) effectively. Therefore, eating them can help modulate blood sugar levels.

Used as an Insect Repellent

You can apply onion juice to reduce the pain caused by honeybee stings. Fresh onion juice or paste can be used for external applications on insect bites and scorpion stings. The smell of onions also causes insects to flee, which is why they can be used as insect repellents as well as a form of sting treatment.

Anticancer Potential

Onion powder bulk are rich in active compounds that successfully inhibit the development and spread of cancerous cells. They have a significant amount of quercetin, which is a very powerful [10] antioxidant, consistently linked to the prevention or reduction of the spread of cancer. Studies published in the Cancer Prevention Research showed that consumption of vegetables like onions and garlic which belong to the Allium family help prevent cancers, particularly cancers of the gastrointestinal tract.

Relieve Earaches

A few drops of onion juice may prove immensely beneficial to individuals suffering from acute earache. The ringing sound in the ear may be cured by applying onion juice through a piece of cotton wool.

Skin Care

Onion juice mixed with honey or olive oil is said to be the best method for treating symptoms or signs of acne. It is also anti-inflammatory in nature, so the active compounds can reduce the redness and swelling that is commonly associated with skin conditions like acne. Onions also help reduce the associated pain and inflammation of conditions like gout and arthritis.

Treat Cough

Consuming an equal mixture of onion juice and honey can relieve sore throats and coughing symptoms.

Boost Sexual Drive

Organic onion powder bulk are said to increase the urge for healthy sex life. One tablespoon of onion juice along with one spoonful of ginger juice, taken three times a day, can boost libido and sex drive.

Treat Anemia

Even anemic conditions can be improved by eating onions along with jaggery and water because this adds to the mineral content of the body, especially iron, which is an essential part of producing new red blood cells. Therefore, anemia, also known as iron deficiency, can be prevented by including onion in your diet.

Relieve Stomach Aches

Onions have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that can relieve an upset stomach and related gastric syndromes. This is due to the saponins that are found in them. These saponins have anti-spasmodic capabilities, which ensure that stomach disturbances do not continue and that your bowels are clear and smoothly functioning.

Treat Urinary Disorders

For those suffering from a burning sensation during urination, onions can provide considerable relief. People suffering from this condition should drink boiled water with 6 to 7 grams of onions.

According to Peace Health, onions have long been used for reducing the risk of various diseases such as tumors, persistent cough, and cold. Medical practitioners consider this plant form as a perfect home remedy for relieving various metabolic disorders and diseases. Peace Health further states that onion consumption can even help in the prevention of stomach and breast cancer.

Relieve Asthma

Medical studies have revealed that these sulfuric compounds stop biochemical chain formations that possibly lead to asthmatic conditions. The sulfuric content of onions facilitates the melting of phlegm in a patient suffering from severe coughing. Fresh onion juice is recommended for patients, who have lost consciousness, because of its aroma and inhalant qualities, which can induce immediate vigor and energy.

Culinary Uses

In terms of the role of onions’ in various culinary delights, they have been used for thousands of years in many food preparations. They are especially used for preparing non-vegetarian food in order to cover up the harsh taste and smell of the meat. These bulb-like vegetables can be consumed raw, pickled in vinegar, fried in oil, baked or boiled.They are certainly a boon to mankind and while they make us cry sometimes, the multiple health benefits make up for it!