Bulk Psyllium Husk Powder

Prodcut name:Bulk Psyllium Husk Powder

Latin Name: Plantago Ovata, Plantago Ispaghula

Specification Ratio: 99% Husk, 98% Powder

Appearance: off -white powder

Mesh size: 40-60 Mesh

Used Part: Husk

Grade: Food Additives

Test method :TLC

What is Bulk Psyllium Husk Powder?Psyllium Husks, or Plantago applaud, have been utilized worldwide to enhance the fiber in an individual’s eating regimen. Psyllium Husks are supported for their high convergence of dissolvable fiber. Removed from the Psyllium plant, this totally regular spice offers a simple strategy to expand fiber consumption.
Bulk psyllium husk powder have been utilized in grains to add to the fiber content. The employments of entire, powder or mass Psyllium Husks have not changed such a huge amount throughout the long term. The discount mass Plantago ovata has numerous advantages.
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Bulk psyllium husk powder (Plantago ovata) is produced using a kind of plant whose seeds are utilized to create adhesive. It is utilized as a dietary fiber and is normally added to breakfast grains.Basic Information:Product nameBulk Psyllium Husk PowderAppearanceOff-white PowderPartical size100% Pass 80 MeshMOQ1kgcertificateISO9001/Halal/KosherShelf life2. Psyllium husk also simply called psyllium are parts of the seeds of the plant Plantago ovata of the genus Plantago which native to India but can be found elsewhere. Psyllium husks are hygroscopic, capable of absorbing fluids primarily used as bulk forming laxative and a good source of dietary fiber and used commercially to produce mucilage.Psyllium Husk Powder Benefits:Here’s a look at several findings from the available research on the potential health benefits of psyllium:1.ConstipationIncreasing your intake of soluble fiber may promote bowel regularity. As bulk psyllium powder makes its way down your digestive tract, it absorbs water in the intestines, swells, and contributes to a gel-like stool that’s softer and easier to pass.In a review published in Alimentary Pharmacology and Therapeutics in 2014, however, researchers reviewed clinical trials on the effect of prunes on gastrointestinal function and found that prunes were superior to psyllium powder bulk for improving stool frequency and consistency. Another study found that psyllium and prune fiber were equally effective in improving constipation and quality of life, however, prune fiber was more effective at relieving flatulence and bloating.2.High CholesterolAdding soluble fiber to your diet may help to lower your cholesterol. In fact, the Food and Drug Administration allows psyllium products to make the health claim that they reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by lowering cholesterol.Soluble fiber interferes with the uptake of bile acids in the intestines, leading to their excretion in the stool. As the liver converts cholesterol to replace the bile acids, levels of LDL “bad” cholesterol are lowered. Increasing your soluble fiber intake by five to 10 grams a day typically results in a five-percent reduction in LDL cholesterol.3.Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)A meta-analysis from 2014 that evaluated dietary fiber supplementation in 14 randomized controlled trials involving 906 patients with IBS found that fiber supplementation (especially with psyllium) was effective in improving IBS symptoms compared to placebo. IBS is a common chronic gastrointestinal disorder that’s widely believed to be caused by too little dietary fiber. In people with IBS, soluble fiber is believed to cause less abdominal pain/discomfort, abdominal bloating/distension, and flatulence than insoluble fiber.4.Diabetes
Some research suggests that soluble fiber such as bulk psyllium powder may help improve glucose control in people with type 2 diabetes. In a report published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2015, for instance, researchers analyzed previously published studies and found that taking psyllium before meals resulted in a significant improvement in fasting blood glucose and glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c) in people with type 2 diabetes.5.Satiety
Soluble fiber is also said to promote a feeling of fullness, or satiety, which may result in better weight control. In a study published in the journal Appetite in 2016, for instance, psyllium supplementation resulted in greater fullness and less hunger between meals compared to a placebo.Organic Psyllium Husk Powder Application:Applications: Health drinks, ice cream, bread, biscuits, cakes, jams, instant noodles, cereal breakfasts, etc. to increase fiber content or food swell;
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