Catechu Powder

Product name: Acacia catechu extract

Botanical Source: Acacia catechu

Appearance: Brown powder

Specification: 10:1

Part Used: Root Bark

Test Method: TLC HPLC

Application :Use for health care product and food additive;


What is Catechu Powder?

Catechu powder is an herb. The leaves, shoots, and wood are used to make medicine. The two types of catechu, black catechu and pale catechu, contain slightly different chemicals, but they are used for the same purposes and at the same dose..
Catechu powder is most commonly used by mouth for stomach problems such as diarrhea, swelling of the colon (colitis), and indigestion. It is also used orally for pain from osteoarthritis and topically to treat pain, bleeding, and swelling (inflammation). But there is limited scientific evidence to support any of these uses.
In foods and beverages, acacia catechu powder is used as a flavoring agent.Analysis:temSpecificationResultsPhysical Property

AppearanceYellow Brown PowderConformsOdorCharacteristicConformsGeneral Analysis

Assay (by TLC)10:110:1Loss on Drying


Total Plate Count≤5000cfu/gConformsYeast&Mold≤500cfu/gConformsE.Coli.NegativeConformsSalmonellaNegativeConformsCatechu Powder Benefits:Catechu is used for diarrhea, swelling of the nose and throat, dysentery, swelling of the colon (colitis), bleeding, indigestion, osteoarthritis, and cancer. People apply catechu directly to the skin for skin diseases, hemorrhoids, and traumatic injuries; to stop bleeding; and for dressing wounds.
1.Antioxidant properties of khadiraSeveral studies indicate the antioxidant effects of acacia catechu powder. In a study done in Jabalpur, India, the ethyl acetate extracts of the seed pods of Acacia plant were found to have potent antioxidant properties, which were comparable to that of ascorbic acid (a natural antioxidant).

2.Khadira for diarrhoeaCatechu powder is traditionally used in the treatment of diarrhoea. A preclinical study conducted in Italy indicates that Acacia catechu extract reduces the spontaneous contractions of colon smooth muscles in a concentration-dependent manner. Compounds like epicatechin and catechin were suggested to be responsible for this effect and they did not affect the normal intestinal flora.

3.Antimicrobial properties of khadiraThe antimicrobial properties of khadira plant have been widely studied. An in vitro study done in India suggested that the methanol extract of this plant can inhibit the growth of a number of pathogenic and non-pathogenic bacteria including Salmonella typhi (the causative agent of typhoid fever, Escherichia coli (causes diarrhoea and dysentery) and Staphylococcus aureus (causes various skin infections). It was also found to be effective against the yeast Candida albicans.

4.Khadira for diabetesFolk practitioners in Bangladesh claim that khoyer, a hard powder that is the leftover product obtained after boiling Acacia catechu wood in water and evaporating the brew, is an effective anti-diabetic. In a study done in hyperglycemic mice, it was found that the product does indeed help control blood sugar levels. The study concluded that the results validate the folk claim of khoyer as a potential anti-diabetic agent.
5.Khadira for the immune systemAcacia catechu powder is traditionally believed to be an immunomodulator, meaning that it can modulate the immune response in the body. In a study done in Bangalore, India, the researchers found that this plant improves both the humoral and cell-mediated immunity. These are the two arms of the adaptive immune system, the one we develop gradually as we are exposed to infectious or harmful agents.

6.Anti-inflammatory and antiarthritic properties of khadiraInflammation is our body’s response to the entry or exposure to any harmful substance including pathogenic microbes and allergens. However, when uncontrolled, inflammation can be harmful and lead to conditions such as arthritis, asthma and IBS (inflammatory bowel disease).
All parts of the catechu powder have been indicated to have anti-inflammatory activity. In an animal study, exposure to Acacia catechu was seen to cause a reduction in the levels of pro-inflammatory (inflammation increasing) cytokines.Catechu Powder Application:1) Applied in food field, used as raw materials of tea get good reputation;2) Applied in health product field, it can be used as the raw materials to enhance the immunity of human body;3) Applied in pharmaceutical field, to be added into capsule to reduce blood sugar.


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