Chamomile Flower Extract

Product Name:Chamomile Flower Extract

Latin Name: Matricaria Chamomilla

Form: Powder

Appearance: Brown yellow powder

Mesh Size: 80 Mesh

Part Used: Flower

Active ingredient: Apigenin

Specification: 10:1

Test Method:TLC

Shelf life: 2 Years

Storage: Cool dry place

Package: 25kg/drum;


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What is Chamomile Flower Extract?INCI Name: Matricaria recutita (chamomile) extract.Chamomile is a flower that has been used for nearly 5,000 years in teas and herbal extracts. It is one of the most ancient and versatile herbs. Chamomile flower extract is known for its calming effects and can be used to help maintain the health and vitality of your skin, hair, tendons, cartilage, bones, and joints.Properties: Chamomile extract powder contains anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. It neutralizes free radicals, other skin irritants and aids in skin repair.
Use: Recommended use level 1%-10% in skincare products. May add a natural tint of colour. Excellent for use in powdered skincare products (masks and exfoliators), body scrubs, bath bombs, soap bars, mask bars, scalp bars and other products.
This extract is water-soluble and may be used when formulating body lotions, creams and butters (add to water phase). It is not oil-soluble. When formulating with water, use distilled water. A natural preservative system should be added, like Leucidal.Certification of Analysis

ANALYSISSPECIFICATIONRESULTSAppearanceBrown yellow powderCompliesOdorCharacteristicCompliesRatio(TLC)10:1CompliesSieve analysis100% pass 80 meshCompliesLoss on DryingResidue on Ignition≤5.0%≤5.0%3.9%4.2%Heavy Metal<20ppmCompliesResidual Solvents<0.5%CompliesResidual PesticideNegativeCompliesTotal Plate Count<1000cfu/gCompliesYeast & Mold<100cfu/gCompliesE.ColiNegativeCompliesSalmonellaNegativeCompliesChamomile Flower Extract Skin Benefits:
For starters, chamomile flower extract posses many powerful skin properties such as anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, antibacterial, antiseptic, and contains essential oils and antioxidants. Additionally, is hypoallergenic and helps to reduce skin irritants by neutralizing free radicals.1) Strong Anti-inflammatory, great for sensitive and acne-prone skin types who have inflammation.
2) Anti-fungal, antibacterial, antiseptic, antioxidant.
3) Excellent healing abilities to minor skin wounds because of disinfectant properties.
4) Chamomile flower extract helps fight and block out irritants by eliminating free radicals which damage your skin and accelerate the aging process.
5) Antioxidant-rich helps reduce acne inflammation, breakouts, and minor scars.
6) Natural skin lightener promotes a healthy glow of the skin as it heals and restores its natural moisture content.
7) Chamomile flower extract increases the penetration and effectiveness of other skincare topicals.
8) Soothes and heals burns, great for post-peel applications.
Chamomile is one ingredient you want in your skincare routine. Whether you have acne-prone skin, dry skin, or pigmentation areas. It has a little to help every type of skin type. Next time you consider a new skincare treatment, check to see if it has chamomile, and experience increased skin repair, skin purifying, and inflammation healing properties.Chamomile Flower Extract in cosmetics Uses:
1. Chamomile extract powder can be added to face mask formulations to provide skin softening, relaxation, and to provide a wonderful aroma.2. Chamomile extract powder can be infused in water or oil and used in lotions, creams, and ointment formulas.3. Chamomile extract for skin can be used in natural bath tea recipes.4. Chamomile Flower Extract can be used as a decorative element, and for skin softening purposes in soaps. Chamomile infusion can also be added to shampoo recipes. Conditioners made with chamomile will produce shinier, more manageable hair.5. Chamomile extract powder can be used in the formulation of natural flower waters. Chamomile tea applied to the skin will help produce a healthier, softer glow.6. Can be used in body powder recipes to provide a sweet, floral aroma.7. Chamomile Flower Extract is used in some bath bomb recipes.8. Can be infused in massage oils to help with muscle stiffness and inflammation.9. Chamomile extract for skin can be used in scrubs.
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