Cloud Mushroom Extract

Product Name:Turkey Tail Powder/Cloud Mushroom Extract

Plant Name: Coriolus versicolor

Specification: 10%–50% Polysaccharides

Active ingredients: Coriolus versicolor Polysaccharides

Functions: Enhance immunity; Protect lung; Anti-cancer

Standard: Confirm to CP, USP, EP standard

Test Method: HPLC ,UV;


What is Cloud Mushroom Extract?

Cloud Mushroom Extract is extracted from the fruit bodies of Coriolusversicolor (L.exFranch.)Quel. (Polystictusversicolor (L.)Fronch.) of the genus Coriolus versicolor (L.exFranch.)Quel.(Polystictusversicolor (L.)Fronch.) of the Polyporaceae Coriolus. It is rich in proteins, fats, polysaccharides, polysaccharide peptides, glucans, lignins, amino acids and various inorganic salts, as well as protease, peroxidase, amylase, laccase and leather enzymes. It has anti-tumor, analgesic, treatment of chronic hepatitis B, lowering blood fat and anti-atherosclerosis, anti-oxidation, anti-aging, replenishing qi and detoxification, and antimicrobial activity in vitro.

Cloud Mushroom Extract(Yunzhi) is rich in proteins, fats, polysaccharides, polysaccharide peptides, dextran, lignin, amino acids and various inorganic salts, as well as proteases, peroxidases, amylases, laccases and leather enzymes.


Basic Information:

Product NameCloud Mushroom Extract,Coriolus Versicolor Extract ; Turkey Tail Powder
IngredientPolysaccharides .
Specification50% polysaccharide
TasteBitter,add into hot water/milk/juice with honey to stir and enjoy
ShapeRaw material/Capsule/Granule/Tea bag/Coffee.etc.
SolventHot water & Alcohol extraction
Shelf Life24 months
Free Sample10-20g

Cloud Mushroom Extract Benefits

  1. Decreasing transaminase Cloud Mushroom Extract can basically restore hepatocellular pathological glycogen and high alanine transaminase phenomenon caused by toxic hepatitis in mice caused by CD4.

2. Improve the immune function of the body.

Yunzhi polysaccharide can enhance the phagocytosis of mouse peritoneal macrophages, and has an antagonistic effect on spleen atrophy caused by cyclophosphamide. Yunzhi polysaccharide and filtrate polysaccharide can shrink the thymus and increase the weight of the spleen.

3. The anti-atherosclerosis effect

experiment proved that Cloud Mushroom Extract can effectively inhibit the formation and development of atherosclerotic plaque.

4. Improve memory function

Yunzhi polysaccharide can improve the learning and memory function of mice and rats. Yunzhi polysaccharide can enhance the hypnotic effect of pentobarbital, and Yunzhi polysaccharide peptide also has a certain sedative effect, which can inhibit the pain response of mice, but the effect is slow and the duration is long.

5. Other effects

Yunzhi glycopeptide has analgesic effect; Yunzhi polysaccharide can effectively scavenge free radicals, induce the synthesis of SOD and GSH, reduce NOS activity and NO content, enhance the body’s antioxidant capacity, reduce MDA content and stabilize mitochondria The structure of the membrane is complete, and it has a protective effect on experimental liver injury; Yunzhi polysaccharide has antioxidant activity; Yunzhi polysaccharide has anti-aging effects, and its mechanism of action is related to improving the body’s immune response and enhancing the body’s elimination of lipid peroxides; cloud Zhi polysaccharide has no antibacterial effect on Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Salmonella and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. At a concentration of 1%, Yunzhi polysaccharide has certain antibacterial effect on Escherichia coli and Salmonella.


1. Turkey tail powder is applied in food field, because of its high uptake values, more and more people start to eat it;

2. Applied in health product field, to be made into tablets, granules and injection, which is able to improve immunity;

3. Applied in pharmaceutical field, treating and persisting chronic bronchitis.

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