Cranberry Powder Bulk

Product Name:Cranberry extract

Latin Name: vaccinium macrocarpon

Specification Ratio: 4:1~20:1 anthocyanins 25%

Part Used: bark

Appearance: Purple Powder

Test Method: TLC / HPLC

Advantage : Purest powder without any additive;


What is Cranberry Powder Bulk?Bulk Cranberry Powder is most popular due to its high antioxidants, anti-inflammatory & anti-asthmatic properties.
Cranberry powder bulk is most known for its antibacterial properties and can help to fight and reduce bacteria in the body by stimulating good digestive health. The most popular use of Cranberry Powder is for urinary tract infections due to its diuretic properties.
Cranberry juice extract powder bulk is believed to help in lowering high blood pressure, chronic fatigue syndrome & could help diminish or alleviate ulcers in the gastrointestinal tract. It has also been suggested that Cranberry Powder might help with better memory and healthy teeth and gums.Basic Information:ItemSpecificationTest MethodPhysical&Chemical Control

AppearanceViolet Fine PowderVisualOdor&TasteCharacteristicOrganolepticAssayProanthocyanidins≥50%UV(EP Standard)Particle size100% pass 80 mesh80 Mesh ScreenIdentificationPositiveTLCLoss on drying≤5.0%CP2015Heavy Metals

Heavy MetalsNMT10ppmAtomic AbsorptionLead(Pb)NMT3ppmAtomic AbsorptionArsenic (As)NMT2ppmAtomic AbsorptionMercury(Hg)NMT0.1ppmAtomic AbsorptionMicrobiology Control

Total Plate CountNMT3,000cfu/gCP2015Cranberry Extract Benefits:1.Cranberries curb antibiotic resistanceIn a new study from McGill University in Canada, researchers selected bacteria responsible for urinary tract infections, pneumonia, and gastroenteritis. When bacteria are treated with antibiotics they typically become resistant to its effects. But in this experiment, scientists found that the addition of cranberry powder bulk prevented resistance from developing.The extract made the bacterial cell wall more permeable to the antibiotic, and it caused the bacteria to have a tougher time pumping out the antibiotic.

The finding is significant as the overuse of antibiotics, primarily in animal agriculture, has led to infections that are more difficult to treat in humans. While the study is new, stay tuned. It may prompt physicians to recommend cranberry juice or extract when antibiotics are prescribed.
2.Cranberries are anti-inflammatory and packed with antioxidantsLike other berries, bulk cranberry powder are antioxidant powerhouses. In fact, when it comes to fruit, they rank just under blueberries (often called the king of antioxidants) in antioxidant potency. Cranberries also provide anti-inflammatory compounds. Research shows that people who consume cranberry powder bulk have lower levels of C-reactive protein, a blood marker of inflammation, which is a known trigger of premature aging, chronic illness, and cognitive decline.
3.Cranberries boost circulationCranberries have been shown to help improve artery flexibility. This means enhanced circulation and blood flow, which takes pressure off the heart and can help lower blood pressure. Better circulation can also boost energy and cognitive function.
4.Cranberries offer disease protectionThere’s evidence that cranberry juice protects heart health by reducing “bad” LDL cholesterol, trigylcerides (blood fats), and insulin resistance. What’s more, certain compounds in cranberries have been shown to slow the growth of tumors, including cancer cells of the breast, colon, lung, and prostate.
5.Cranberries support gut healthResearch shows that consuming bulk cranberry powder can create a positive shift in the beneficial gut bacteria tied to immunity, mood, and digestive health. The fiber in whole or dried cranberries also helps prevent constipation and support digestive health.
6.Cranberries help with immunityThe vitamin C in cranberries supports immunity and is required to make collagen, so it plays a key role in skin and joint health and overall healing. You’ve probably also heard that cranberries help prevent and treat urinary tract infections. That’s true. Cranberry powder bulk help by interfering with the ability of bacteria to stick to the walls of the urinary tract. This same type of natural defense also happens in the stomach to prevent ulcers and in the mouth to fight gum disease.
Cranberry Extract Application:1. Applied in pharmaceutical field, to be used as raw material;2. Applied in health-care product field, to be used for keeping body healthy;3. Applied in food field, to be used as nutritional supplement.
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