Cucumber Seed Powder

Product name:Cucumber Seed Powder

Latin Name: Cucumis sativus L..

Used Part: fruit

Appearance: Yellow green Powder

Specification: 100%

Form: Powder

Solubility: ≥ 90%

Applying: Food, Beverage


Free Sample: 15-20g

Synonym: Cucumber Extract

Cucumber seed powder is rich in protein and fiber. As a personal care ingredient, this plant based material promotes excellent exfoliating properties for scrubs.

Cucumber Seed Powder with high quality plant protein and dietary fiber. It is an excellent way to add plant protein and fiber to bars, granolas, cereals, salads and blended products. Protein content ranges up to 50% and up to 31% fiber . It is appropriate for human health applications, to supplement animal foods, and nutritional products.

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Basic Information:

Product NameCucumber Seed PowderLatin NameCucumis sativus L
Part UsedSeedAppearanceBrown Yellow Powder
Function(1) Regulate the nervous system, boost brain memory, eliminate fatigue rapidly;

(2) Enhance immunity, regulate endocrine;

(3) Prevent organization aging, prompt wound healing;

(4) Enhance immunity of tumor patients and inhibit the production of a variety of tumor cells;

(5) Promote sex hormone secretion, improve sexual function , thus delaying the aging effects.

StorageStore in a well-closed container away from moisture and direct sunlight
Shelf Life24 months if sealed and stored properly
Sterilization MethodHigh-temperature, non-irradiated.

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Cucumber Powder Benefits:

Not just cucumber, but you can also consume cucumber seeds and they have some amazing health benefits. Read on to know. They contain fiber and beta-carotene. “Beta carotene is an antioxidant that helps with immunity, skin, eye and the prevention of cancer,” said Lemond. A study published in the Pakistan Journal of Nutrition found that cucumber seeds were a good source of minerals, and contained calcium.

Cucumber powder for skin and its seeds are used in most of the spa treatments, people keep cucumber slices over their eyes. Cucumber seeds contain beta-carotene, which helps in building immunity, skin, eyes and the preventions of cancer.

Keep You Hydrated

How much water do you consume in a day? Don’t remember? Water is crucial to our body and helps in playing various functions. You may get 40 percent of the total water intake from food. Yes, you read it right. Fruits and vegetables can be a crucial source of water in your diet. Cucumbers are composed of about 96 percent water and are effective in promoting hydration and can help you meet your daily fluid needs.

Easy Diet

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Don’t like to eat cucumber seeds? Here’s what you can do. There so many creative ways to consume cucumbers. However, they are commonly enjoyed fresh and raw. Baked cucumber chips, cucumber pickle, cucumber salad, cucumber and mint sorbet are the options for those who cannot eat cucumber seeds. There are various online portals selling cucumber seed powder for health benefits. It is advised to consume cucumber seeds within 60 days of purchase.

Improve Skin Health

In most of the spa therapies, people relax by keeping cucumber slices over their eyes. It is a great way to pamper yourself. The cooling effect of cucumber decreases swelling irritation and inflammation when used topically. Plus you can also place cucumber on the eyes to decrease morning puffiness and treat sunburn when placed on the affected areas.

Reduce Bad Breath

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Suffering from bad breath? Here’s what you can do to eliminate it. Excessive stomach heat is the primary reason for bad breath. Place a cucumber slice on the roof of your mouth and it will help you overcome any kind of bacteria.

Application of Dehydrated Cucumber Powder:

Suitable for an extensive range of applications; From flavoring and coloring to dry beverage mixes, nutritional supplements, powdered meal replacements, dairy products, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, skin care products and pet food applications.

1. Functional food field,

2. Health care products field,

3. Cosmetic field,

4. Pharmaceuticals field.