Dandelion root extract

Product Name:Dandelion root extract

Form: Powder

Part: Root

Extraction Type: Solvent Extraction

Packaging: Drum

Test method:UV

Specification :1%-5% flavone;

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What is Dandelion Root Extract?Dandelion root extract is also well known for its therapeutic use. It possess various anti-oxidants and improve circulatory flow in the body. It also act as anti-inflammatory, and bile stimulatory factor, which improves digestive system, and immune response of the body.
Dandelion root extract market is although a very niche market, it is expected to grow because people have started to opt for herbal products rather than mainstream (allopathic) products. It also act as diuretic, helping person to remove extra fluids, and regularizing kidney health. Dandelion root extract can be found alone or along with supplements or other herbs in liquid extracts, teas, capsules or tablets.
One test-tube study showed that it increased the generation of new skin cells, which could slow the aging process. Additional research indicates that dandelion extract may reduce skin inflammation and irritation while also increasing hydration and collagen production.Basic Information:AnalysisSpecificationsFlavones4% by UVExtraction solventwater and ethanolSolubility90%Ash≤5.0%Heavy metal<10ppmPesticides<2ppmAppearancefine powderColorbrownLoss On Drying≤5%Total Plate<1000CFU/gYeast&Mold<100CFU/gSalmonellaNegativeE.ColiNegative

Dandelion Root Extract Benefits:Some possible health benefits and traditional uses of Dandelion root extract Powder may include:1. Highly NutritiousThe nutritional content of dandelion extends to all parts of the plant. It’s a rich source of many vitamins, minerals and fiber.2. Contain Potent Antioxidants
Dandelion root extract powder is a rich source of beta-carotene and polyphenolic compounds, both of which are known to have strong antioxidant capabilities that can prevent aging and certain diseases.3. May Help Fight Inflammation
Small animal and test-tube studies suggest that best dandelion root extract have a significant anti-inflammatory capacity, though more research is needed to better understand how dandelion affect inflammation in humans.4. May Aid Blood Sugar Control
The dandelion root extract contains bioactive compounds that have been shown to reduce blood sugar in animal and test-tube studies. More research is needed to determine if the same effect would be seen in humans.5. May Reduce Cholesterol
Some animal studies have shown reduced cholesterol levels after consuming dandelion. More research is needed to understand how this plant affects levels in humans.6. May Lower Blood Pressure
Dandelion root extract may lower blood pressure due to their diuretic effect and potassium content. However, very little formal research has been conducted to support this claim.7. May Promote a Healthy Liver
Animal studies have shown that dandelion root extract powder protect liver tissue from toxic substances and oxidative stress, but more research is needed to determine their effect on liver health in humans.8. May Aid Weight LossSome animal studies have shown that bioactive components in dandelion may support weight loss, but no human studies have evaluated this effect.9. May Fight Cancer
Several test-tube studies have found that best dandelion root extract is effective in reducing the growth of cancer cells in various organ tissues. More research is needed to draw conclusions about its efficacy for preventing or treating cancer in humans.10. May Support Healthy Digestion and Treat ConstipationResearch indicates that dandelion root extract may increase contractions and movement of your gastrointestinal (GI) tract, acting as a treatment for constipation and indigestion. This effect is likely due to the prebiotic fiber inulin.11. May Boost Your Immune SystemEarly research indicates that dandelion root extract powder have antiviral and antimicrobial properties, though clear applications for medicinal use have yet to be determined.12. May Be a Useful Skincare TreatmentAnimal and test-tube studies indicate that dandelion may protect against harmful sun rays, aging and skin irritations, such as acne. Currently, reliable human studies are unavailable.13. May Support Healthy Bones
Research directly relating dandelion root extract to bone health is lacking, though some nutritional components of the plant are known to support the maintenance of strong bones.
Dandelion Root Extract Application:1) The effect of clearing and detoxifying, reducing swelling, diuretic Tonglin.2) Using for boils poison, milk carbuncle, scrofula, red eyes, sore throat, lung abscess, appendicitis, jaundice, hot shower astringent pain,etc .

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