Dogwood Fruit Extract

Product Name:Corni Fructus

Latin Name: cornus mas Aurea

Specification Ratio: 4:1~20:1;

Part Used: whole herb

Appearance: Brown Yellow Powder

Test Method: TLC

Appearance: Brown Powder;

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Advantage: Pure natural ingredients;


What is Dogwood Fruit Extract?Dogwood fruit extract by Underherb acts as an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, protective, anti-wrinkle and whitening agent. It contains gallic acid, isoterchebin, loganin, malic acid, oleanolic acid, tartaric acid, ursolic acid and 0.4% phenonip preservative. Offers cell membrane protection, skin elasticity, freckle and wrinkle suppression. Dogwood fruit extract finds application in formulating skin care products.
Dogwood powder is a main staple in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It’s been used for centuries as an anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, calming(beta blocking), anti-hypoxic, anti-aging, lowering blood cholesterol, benefits the liver and kidneys, controlling menstruation and arresting bleeding, immune tonic, positive effects on blood sugar, and increasing vigor.For lung spasms and asthma, it should be taken with psoralea bark.
dogwood fruit extract dosage: Suggested Use is 500mg 3x daily
Basic Information:Product NameDogwood Fruit ExtractLatin NameCornus officinalisPart of usedFruitFormPowderAppearanceBrown yellow powderSpecification4:1-20:1
MOQ1kgApplicationHealth-care ProductsLoss on drying<3.0%Testing MethodTLCItemSpecificationResult AppearanceBrown yellow fine powderComplies Related substance (HPLC)Total impurity ≤0.5%Max single impurity ≤0.1%0.2%0.06% OdorCharacteristicComplies Assay10:110:1 Heavy Metal<10ppmComplies As<0.1ppm0.05ppm Pb<0.1ppm0.05ppm Cd<0.1ppm0.05ppm Residual Solvents<100ppmComplies Residual PesticideNegativeComplies Total Plate Count<1000cfu/gComplies Yeast & Mold<100cfu/gComplies E.ColiNegativeComplies SalmonellaNegativeComplies Dogwood Fruit Extract Benefits:The fruit is antibacterial, antifungal, hypotensive, antitumor, astringent, diuretic, hepatic and tonic. The fruit, without the seed, is decocted for the treatment of arthritis, fever and a wide range of other ailments. It is used in the treatment of senile lumbago, diabetes, cystitis, tinnitus etc1.High in Antioxidants - Dogwood fruit extract effect may be due to including some antioxidant components, which caused membrane stabilizing and normalization of fluctuated biochemical profiles induced by CCl4 exposure. Our results validated the traditional use of Cornus mas in the treatment of liver disorders.2.Anti-Microbial Activities - Antimicrobial activities of above extracts were also tested against 93 clinical isolates of human pathogenic strains belonging to 5 bacteria (Entorobacter aerogenes, Escherichia coli, Proteus mirabilis, Pseudomonas aeroginosa, Staphylococcus aureus) and 5 yeast species (Candida albicans, Candida glabrata, Candida krusei, Candida parapisilosis, Candida tropicalis) by disk-diffusion method. The results showed cornelian cherries are potentially rich source of antimicrobial agents. The most effective antibacterial activity was expressed by methanol and water extract of cornelian cherry fruit against S. aureus with 25 mm inhibition zone and 0.156 mg/ml Minimum Inhibitory Concentration (MIC) value. Only methanol extracts of the fruit have antifungal activity against tested human pathogen clinic isolates.3.Allergies and Asthma - In the study to investigate the anti-asthmatic effects of CF and their underlying mechanism, by examining the influence of CF on the development of pulmonary eosinophilic inflammation and airway hyperresponsiveness in a mouse model of allergic asthma, showed that the therapeutic effects of CF in asthma are mediated by reduced production of Th2 cytokines (IL-5), eotaxin, and OVA-specific IgE and reduced eosinophil infiltration. 4.Diabetes and Insulin - In the study of isolated 12 compounds from dogwood fruit extract including three flavonoids, two iridoid glycosides, three phenolic compounds, and two triterpenoids, together with cornuside (11) and 2-butoxybutanedioic acid. 5.AMPK Activator with Potent Anti Obesity Effects — Obesity is a metabolic disorder characterized by chronic inflammation and dyslipidemia and is a strong predictor for the development of hypertension, diabetes mellitus, and cardiovascular diseaseDogwood Fruit Extract Application:1. Pharmaceutical stuff;2. Functional food and food additive;3. Cosmetics additive; Hot Tags: dogwood fruit extract,dogwood powder,dogwood extract,suppliers, manufacturers, factory, wholesale, buy, price, quotation, bulk,for sale