Elderberry Extract For Flu

English Name:Elderberry Fruit Extract

Part of Plant Used:Fruit

Active Ingredient:Anthocyanins


Testing Method:UV

Appearance:Purple red powder


What is Elderberry Extract for Flu?

Enhance your body’s natural defenses with our black elderberry powder. They’re packed with vitamins, immune-supporting flavonoids, and other beneficial nutrients that boost the body’s defenses and support respiratory health. Elderberries are high in vitamin C, dietary fiber, anthocyanins, and phenolic acid. There is evidence to support elderberries as a remedy for respiratory discomfort and a way to promote a healthy immune system.
Elderberry extract for flu remedies are long-standing favorites in natural remedy chests all around the world. There are several elderberry powder uses to get its immune system support benefits. Make your own tasty elderberry syrup using this premium powder, add it to an instant tea, or make capsules for portable care.
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Analysis:Product nameElderberry Fruit ExtractLatin NameSambucus nigra L.Active ingredientsAnthocyaninsynonymsArbre de Judas, Baccae, Baises de Sureau, Black-Berried Alder, Black Elder, Black Elderberry, Boor Tree, Bountry, Elder, Common Elder. Elder Berry, Elderberries, Elderberry Fruit, Ellanwood, Ellhorn, European Alder, European Black Elder, European Black Elderberry, European Elderberry, European Elder Fruit, European Elderberry, Fruit de Sureau, Grand Sureau, Hautbois, Holunderbeeren, Sabugeuiro-negro, Sambequier, Sambu, Sambuc, Sambuci Sambucus, Sambucus nigra, Sambugo, Sauco, Saúco Europeo, Schwarzer Holunder, Seuillet, Seuillon, Sureau, Sureau Européen, Sureau Noir, Sus, Suseau, Sussier.AppearanceDark violet fine powderPart usedFruitSpecification10:1; Anthocyanins 10% HPLC (Cyanidin as R.S. sample) (EP8.0)Main benefitsAntioxidant, antiviral, anti-influenza, boost the immune systemApplied industriesMedicine, syrup, food additive, dietary supplement
ItemSpecificationTest resultSpecificationPolyphenol 15%ConformsPhysical Control

AppearanceDeep purple PowderConformsOdorCharacteristicConformsTasteCharacteristicConformsPart UsedFruitConformsLoss on Drying≤7.0%ConformsAsh≤5.0%ConformsParticle size100% pass 80 meshConformsAllergensNoneConformsChemical Control

Heavy metalsNMT 10ppmConformsArsenicNMT 2ppmConformsLeadNMT 2ppmConformsCadmiumNMT 2ppmConformsMercuryNMT 2ppmConformsGMO StatusGMO FreeConformsElderberry Extract for Flu Benefits:In 400 B.C., Hippocrates, the Greek physician who’s also known as “the Father of Medicine,” referred to the shrub as his “medicine chest.” Since then, the plant has been used around the world as a traditional remedy for not only colds and flu, but also a variety conditions such as constipation, toothaches, sprains, dislocations, hemorrhoids, burns, insect bites and rashes.
Is there any evidence that elderberry helps with the flu?The available evidence on how elderberry might fight the flu is “spotty at best,” said Dr. Eric Ball, M.D., a pediatrician with C.H.O.C. Children’s at Mission Hospital in Orange County, Calif.A systematic review published in 2014, for instance, identified two small human studies which found that those who took elderberry extract while sick with the flu had less severe symptoms and were sick for a shorter amount of time than those who took a placebo, but concluded that large, well-designed clinical trials were needed to confirm this result. Another review, published in 2010, looked at 22 studies (the majority of which were on animals or in petri dishes) on how elderberry fruit might treat or prevent disease. The authors concluded that the elderberry fruit was only poorly or moderately effective based on those studies’ limited conclusions. None directly addressed elderberry’s safety.
Elderberry Extract for Flu Application:Sambucus nigra (elderberry) is rich in vitamins and minerals and loaded with antioxidants. It is high in fiber, aids in digestion, and may have laxative properties.It may also help support heart health and the immune system.
1.Applied in water-soluble beverages;
2.Applied in pharmaceutical as capsules or pills;
3.Applied in functional food as capsules or pills;
4.Applied in health products as capsules or pills.

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