Gastrodia Elata Extract

Product Name:Gastrodia Elata Extract

Latin Name: Rhizoma Gastrodiae

Specification Ratio:4:1~20:1 Gastrodin 98%; 80mesh Powder

Part Used: Root

Appearance:Brown Yellow Powder- White Powder

Test Method:TLC/HPLC


What is Gastrodia Elata Extract?Gastrodia elata extract is a medicinal and health product, beverage and food additive. Dried tubers of Gastrodia elata Blume. Spring from April to May for the “spring hemp”; From September to October before the start of winter, it is “winter hemp”, which is of good quality. After digging, wash away the soil with fresh water or alum water slightly soak, scrape off the skin, boil or steam through the heart, slice, spread out to dry.Gastrodia elata extract is a commonly used traditional Chinese medicine. First published in “Shen Nong’s Materia Medica”, listed as top grade, formerly known as “Red Arrow”. Because its stem resembles an arrow shaft, it is red. There are flowers at the end, and it looks like an arrow with feathers from a distance, hence the name Chijian. The name Gastrodia was first seen in “Lei Gong Cannon Burning Theory”. Gastrodia extract is a brown-yellow fine powdery substance extracted from the dried tubers of Gastrodiaelata Blume, an orchid plant. Gastrodia is a parasitic plant, and the host is Pseudomonas.
Gastrodia elataBl.), also known as chijian, Gastrodia elataBl, from the mother, together from the grass, god grass, ghost Duyou, Mopu, tomorrow hemp, wind-determined grass, white dragon skin, etc., is orchidaceae gastrodia elata extract belongs to perennial herbs. Rhizome hypertrophic, leafless, capsule obovate-elliptic, often propagated by tubers or seeds. Its root is used as medicine to treat dizzy dizzy, limb numbness, infantile convulsive disease, etc., it is a precious Chinese medicine, and Qiongzhen ganoderma lucidum are used together to treat headache and insomnia.Basic InformationNameGastrodia Elata Extract
Appearancebrown yellow fine powder
GradePharmaceutical Grade
Part usedseed rootApplicationPharmaceuticals, healthcares,and cosmeticsGastrodia Elata Extract Benefits:
1. Good to brain2. Nourishing kidney3. Carry gas profit god4. Strengthen the body’s immune capacity5. Good to the sun be the spirit6. Promoting blood circulation7. Antiepileptic , anti-convulsion, anti-rheumatism, calm, spasm, analgesia ,8. Good effect on students’ increasing wisdom, brain, keep the good study condition, white-collar worker keep a clear mind and abundant energy, the old delay senility.
Gastrodia Elata Extract Application:
1. Widely used in cosmetics.2. Applied in pharmaceuic field.3. Applied in health product field.

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