Ground Star Anise Powder

Product Name:Ground star anise powder

Latin Name: Fructus Anisi Stellati;

Specification Ratio: 5 : 1, 10 : 1, 20 : 1;

Part Used: Fruit;

Appearance: Brown powder;

Test Method: TLC;

Main Function: For cold and abdominal pain, kidney deficiency, low back pain, stomach cold vomiting;

What is Ground star anise powder?Ground star anise is a main ingredient in Chinese Five-Spice powder and Vietnamese pho. It’s also part of the Port Royal flavor profile – a mixture of chocolate, grapefruit, and star anise. Use this star anise powder as a rub ingredient for roast pork or beef.Ground star anise has a strong liquorice flavour with warm, sweet notes. The ground star anise powder is made by grinding whole star anise, known for its characteristic star shape as the name suggests. Star anise is one of the vital spices within Chinese cooking for pork and chicken dishes.The powder is one of the key ingredients in the famous Chinese Five Spice, which is used for meat rubs and curry bases. Try adding ground star anise when making duck à l’orange or a sweet apple tart.Whole and ground star anise are used differently in cooking. The whole pods are added to braised dishes, soups, and stews to infuse flavor and are removed at the end of cooking. Ground star anise powder is used similarly to other ground spices. Powdered star anise begins to lose its flavor shortly after it is ground up, so the best method is to buy whole star anise and grind it as needed. The pods and seeds can be ground together.Basic Information:Certificate of Analysis

ItemSpecificationResultAssay10:110:1AppearanceBrown yellow PowderconformsOdorCharacteristicconformsTasteCharacteristicconformsParticle SizeNLT 100% Through 80 meshconformsLoss on Drying<2.0%0.47%Heavy metals Total Heavy Metals≤10ppmconformsArsenic≤3ppmconformsLead≤3ppmconformsMicrobiological Tests Total Plate Count≤1000cfu/gconformsTotal Yeast & Mold≤100cfu/gconformsE.ColiNegativeNegativeSalmonellaNegativeNegativeGround Star Anise Powder Benefits:1. Kills Off BacteriaPathogenic bacteria can cause a variety of ailments, ranging from ear infections to urinary tract infections and beyond. Star anise has been shown to possess powerful antibacterial properties and may be beneficial in protecting against these harmful strains of bacteria.2. Rich in AntioxidantsAntioxidants are substances that can protect against the formation of harmful free radicals in the body. Getting enough antioxidants in your diet can also combat oxidative stress, which can prevent the progression of chronic disease.3. Wards Off Fungal InfectionsIn addition to killing off pathogenic strains of bacteria, some research also shows that star anise pods could possess powerful antifungal properties as well. Fungal infections are often more difficult to treat and can present in a variety of forms, from yeast infections to athlete’s foot and jock itch.4. May Boost Heart HealthRanked as the leading cause of death and accounting for nearly one-third of all deaths in 2013, it’s clear that heart disease is a massive health concern for millions around the world.Brimming with potent antioxidants, star anise may be able to help reduce oxidative stress, prevent the buildup of harmful free radicals and help enhance heart health. 5. Fight the FluChills, fever, muscle aches and fatigue — if you’re like most people, you’re probably all too familiar with the dreaded list of symptoms that start to pop up right before a full-blown case of the flu. Next time you find yourself feeling under the weather, you may want to consider brewing up a cup of star anise tea for a quick boost of flu-fighting power.6. Could Help Regulate Blood SugarHigh blood sugar can cause a long list of diabetes symptoms, from increased thirst to difficulty concentrating, fatigue and even unintentional weight loss. Left untreated, high blood sugar can even contribute to more serious issues long-term, such as kidney failure and nerve damage.Uses:1. Star anise is widely used in cooking, mainly used for cooking, frying, halogen, sauce and other cooking processing, often in the production of beef, rabbit meat dishes to join, in addition to the smell of smell and other peculiar smell, add aroma, and can adjust the taste, increase appetite.2. When stewing meat, put star anise into the pot, its fragrance can be fully hydrolyzed into the meat, making the meat taste more mellow.3. When making soup cabbage, you can add salt and star anise in the cabbage and boil them together, and finally put some sesame oil, so that the dish has a strong meat flavor.4 in the salted eggs, duck eggs, toon, coriander, put anise will be a unique flavor. Contact us:Phone:+16263716327Email: Hot Tags: ground star anise powder,Star Anise Powder, Organic Star Anise powder,suppliers, manufacturers, factory, wholesale, buy, price, quotation