Houttuynia Extract

Product Name: Houttuynia Extract

Latin Name: Herba Houttuyniae

Specification: 10:1;

Appearance: Brown Powder;

Test Method: TLC;

Advantage: pure natural for cosmetics;


What is Houttuynia extract?Houttuynia extract is a flowering plant native to Southeast Asia. It is eaten as a leaf vegetable, and also has a long history of use in traditional Chinese medicine, including as an attempted treatment for SARS (it didn’t really work). Regarding cosmetics, however, houttuynia extract has a good bit of potential!Houttuynia extract is distinguished for its ability to invade the entire farmland and spread closely all over the ground. When this plant eventually invades a farmland, it usually proves difficult to destroy except when tackled with tough elimination methods. The plant is capable of growing approximately up to 80cm tall with the distal part protruding vertically. Houttuynia cordata is characterised by greenish-yellowish color leaves that often grows up to 10 cm long * 6 cm wide in shady places and moist areas. The leaves are alternated with heart-shaped appearance while the stem usually produces adventitious roots. The plant bears horizontal rhizomes, which connect the erect aerial stems with each other.

Embrace the defensive power of nature with Houttuynia extract. This herb has long been used in traditional Chinese medicine.Our unique herbal formula is strategically designed to provide a highly bioavailable tincture and can be easily incorporated into any daily routine.Basic Information:ITEMSPECIFICATIONProduct NameHouttuynia ExtractBotancal nameHouttuynia cordataAppearanceBrown yellow PowderPartwhole herbActive ingredientsdecanoylacetal behydeMain Specification5:1 10:1 20:1Test MethodHPLCParticle size100%through 80 meshCOAAvailableStorage Life2 Years
Houttuynia Extract Benefits:
1. It can remove toxic heat, to promote the drainange of pus, and to relieve dysuria.
2. It can cure Lung abscess with purulent expectoration.
3. It heats in the lung with cough and dyspnea.
4. It can cure acute dysentery; acute urinary infection.
5. It relieves Carbuncles and sores.
Houttuynia Extract Application:
1. It is applied in food field, as a fresh material can produce unique dishes.2. It is applied in pharmaceutical field, market aslo has its injectionwith the function of detoxification.
3. It is applied in cosmetic field, effectively removing aged cutin and redundant grease.

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