Humulus Lupulus Extract

Prodcut name:Hops Flower Extract

Content Specifications: 4.0% Flavones Test by UV,1.0% Xanthohumol Test by UV

Molecular Formula: C21H22O5

Molecular Mass:354.14

CAS No.: 6754-58-1

Mesh size: 80 Mesh

Used Part: flowers

Grade: Pharmaceuticals Ingredients

Test Method: HPLC/UV


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What is Humulus Lupulus Extract?Humulus lupulus extract, the common hop or hops, is a species of flowering plant in the hemp family Cannabaceae, native to Europe, western Asia and North America. It is a perennial, herbaceous climbing plant which sends up new shoots in early spring and dies back to a cold-hardy rhizome in autumn. It is dioecious (separate male and female plants).
As the flowers of the hops plant (also called seed cones) mature, they become papery and develop scales. Under each scale are the lupulin glands that produce lupulin, a powdery pollen. Lupulin is the active ingredient in hops believed to promote relaxation and a sense of well-being. This powder is rich in acids and essential oils, and these give each hops variety its characteristic flavor and aromaBasic Information:

Product nameHops ExtractCAS No.:8007-04-3AppearanceBrown fine powderSpecification1% 5% Xanthohumol ,5%~10% FlavonePart usedFlowerTest methodHPLCPartical size80 meshMOQ1kgcertificateISO9001/Halal/KosherShelf life2 yearsSampleavailableHumulus Lupulus Extract Benefits:
1.Promotes Healthy SleepUsing Humulus Lupulus Extract to promote sleep came about somewhat by accident. Years ago, taskmasters found European hops harvesters were falling asleep on the job. They then assumed that hops had mysterious sedative properties.Today, studies show that hops does have sedative properties and could help ease insomnia. Researchers are consequently looking at hops for help with sleep disorders.2.Eases Anxiety
According to the World Health Organization, stress-related ailments like depression are the leading causes of disability worldwide (x). Herbal remedies for anxiety and depression are growing in popularity among those eager to avoid side effects associated with traditional drugs.Research suggests that hops humulus lupulus extract can help alleviate depression and anxiety symptoms like insomnia, restlessness, nervousness, and mood issues.3.Relieves Menopause Symptoms
Menopause causes various unpleasant symptoms like hot flashes, night sweats, fatigue, and sleep problems. These symptoms are the result a disruption in hormones–specifically, of changing estrogen levels.Humulus lupulus hop extract shares similar characteristics with estrogen — in fact, it contains one of the world’s most effective phytoestrogens. Phytoestrogens–plant-derived compounds–are similar to estrogen found in humans.4.Natural Anti-InflammatorySince humulus lupulus hop extract contain anti-inflammatory properties, they could help relieve swelling in joints, particularly swelling associated with osteoarthritis. In particular, one of the bitter components of hops (humulon) appears to help reduce inflammation in people that suffer from fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis (x).5.Hops for Beer & AleBecause monks were responsible for most beer brewing in the Middle Ages, manuscripts from the era frequently mention Humulus Lupulus Extract. It was first used for crafting beer around 800 AD. Before this, brewers used a concoction of flowers and bitter herbs, including marigold, dandelion, burdock, and horehound.
1.Humulus lupulus hop extract is applied in food field, adding hops when brewing beer, due to its volatile oil so it has fragrant odor, and having antiseptic effect;2.Hops powder is applied in health product field, to be made into capsule can effective relieve the tension of menopause, upset, anxiety and other symptoms;
3.It is applied in pharmaceutical field, for the treatment of acute tuberculous exudative pleurisy, tuberculosis and tuberculoid leprosy.
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