Jujube Seed Extract

Product Name:Jujube Seed Extract

Latin Name: Ziziphus jujuba Mill. var. spinosa (Bunge) Hu ex H. F. Chow;

Specification Ratio: jujube saponins, 2%;

Part Used: Seed;

Appearance: Brownish red powder;

Test Method: UV;

Main Function 1. Strengthen immunity,Used to regulate blood;

What is Jujube Seed Extract?Jujube seed extract is prepared from the natural plant of Semen Ziziphi Spinosae, which is traditional Chinese herb. Jujube seed extract contains jujuboside A, jujuboside B, betulinic acid, betulin and ect. Jujube seed extract was used to soothe the nerves, stop sweating, nourish the heart, benefit the liver, treat insomnia, tranquilize the mind.Jujube seed extract has traditionally been used as a paste, puree, or soup to enhance digestion. In animal experiments, jujube extract decreased GI transit time and increased fecal moisture content. Increased fatty acid concentration in the cecum and decreased fecal ammonia and bacterial enzyme activity in the feces were also measured.A team of researchers from RMIT University’s School of Health and Biomedical Sciences tested both whole jujube seeds and an extract from them, and found that both regulated the release of GABA and serotonin, two neurotransmitters crucial to sleep and stabilizing mood. These aren’t the only neurochemicals that jujube seed extract might modulate. A Swiss study published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology concluded that jujube compounds also improved modulation of benzodiazepine and dopamine, which are both involved in controlling the sleep-wake cycle and calming the central nervous system at night.

Basic Information:ANALYSISSPECIFICATIONAppearanceBrown powderOdorCharacteristicSieve analysis100% pass 80 meshAssay(Chlorogenic acids)>50%Loss on Drying<5%Heavy metals<10ppm

Jujube Seed Extract Benefits:1.It has sedative and hypnotic effects;

2.It can lower the body temperature anticonvulsant;

3.Significant and sustained antihypertensive effect;

4.Myocardial ischemia;

5.It can regulate blood lipids, can improve coronary atherosclerosis;

6.Anti-arrhythmia effects;

7.It can improve cellular immunity

Jujube Seed Extract Uses:It is applied in medicine and healthcare products,It is applied in beverage and food additives.


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