Lion’s Mane Extract

Latin Name: Hericium Erinaceus

Specification: 30%polysaccharide;

Appearance: Brown Powder;

Test Method: UV;

Advantage: pure natural for food addictive;


What is Lion’s Mane Extract?Lion’s Mane, referred to in Latin as Hericium erinaceus, is a culinary and therapeutic mushroom. Examination shows that lion’s mane has calming, cancer prevention agent and immunostimulating properties in cells, creatures and people. It has been utilized for a very long time as a medication, in Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Lion’s Mane beneficially affects neurodegenerative illnesses by upgrading “neurite outgrowth” in the mind and related organs. Neurite outgrowth alludes to the development of axons and dendrites from neurons. With this expansion in development, cell degeneration in the mind could slow or turn around, profiting illnesses like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Lion’s Mane is accounted for in numerous examinations to animate the amalgamation of Nerve Growth Factor (NGF), a protein that advances the development and typical capacity of nerve cells.
Lion’s mane extract is mitigating, improving stomach related medical problems, for example, gastric ulcers, gastritis and provocative entrail sickness.
Lion’s mane mushroom have cell reinforcement capacities and help forestall and assuage the oxidative pressure brought about by helpless nourishment and introduction to synthetic compounds in the climate. Lion’s mane extract has insusceptible tweaking properties by upgrading both cell-interceded and humoral insusceptibility. This mushroom actuates macrophages and NK cells.Basic Information:Product NameLion’s mane extractLatin NameHericium erinaceus (Bull.) persPart UsedFruitbody, MyceliumActive IngredientsPolysaccharides, Beta D Glucan, Hericenones, triterpeneMolecular Weight30,000-150,000Test MethodUVAppearanceBrown powderPolysaccharides5%, 7%, 10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, 50%Beta D glucan8%, 10%, 20%, 30%Triterpene0.2%Lion’s Mane Extract Benefits:
Lion’s Mane mushrooms may enhance the immune system, by reducing oxidative stress. Research on mice suggests that Lion’s Mane mushrooms may boost the activity of the intestinal immune system. The results of another study on mice indicate that a protein in Lion’s Mane mushrooms supports the growth of beneficial gut bacteria to help maintain healthy immune function.
1: Supports Memory, Focus, and ConcentrationIt’s said that lion’s mane mushroom is one of nature’s most powerful brain foods because it helps stimulate nerve growth factor (NGF) production (1). NGF is a neuropeptide that helps maintain neurons, which are the cells responsible for helping your brain process and transmit information.2: Promotes Increased Energy LevelsOne of the most discussed benefits of lion’s mane in online forums is the steady energy boost it provides without the jitters of other stimulants. In fact, our friends at Four Sigmatic have even created mushroom coffee with lion’s mane, so you can take advantage of the energy boost without suffering the caffeine crash later.3: Supports Insulin SensitivityStudies show that eating or supplementing with lion’s mane mushroom may help improve insulin sensitivity.4: Supports Gut HealthLion’s mane has natural antibacterial properties that help protect the gut against harmful bacteria, such as H.pylori. Lion’s mane has also been shown to reduce inflammation in the GI tract.Application:1.Application in the food additive, make cakes, snacks, drinks and so on.2.Application in the health product field, dietary supplement.3.Application in the pharmaceutical field.4.Application in the cosmetics industries.

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