Magnolia Bark Extract

Product Name:Magnolia Bark Extract

Latin Name: Magnolia officinalis Rehd.Et Wils;

Specification Ratio: 4:1~20:1;

Appearance: Yellow to off -white Powder;

Test Method: TLC / HPLC;

Main Function: It has special and lasting muscle relaxation and strong antibacterial effect;


What Is Magnolia Bark Extract ?Magnolia bark extract (2% honokiol) comes from a genus of flowering plants with over 200 species found throughout the world. Magnolia was named after French botanist, Pierre Magnol. Magnolia bark extract contains two powerful compounds called lignans that may have a wide range of health benefits. These two compounds are honokiol and magnolol. Honokiol has shown the ability to cross the blood-brain barrier, which increases its bioavailability.This magnolia bark extract is made from the bark of Magnolia officinalis and is standardized to 2% honokiol. It is a relatively inexpensive phytonutrient which has been used safely for two thousand years in traditional Chinese medicine.Whether inflammation, swelling or itching – magnolia bark powder actively counteracts these symptoms. Its cleansing action prevents impurities and refines the appearance of the skin. The antibacterial ingredients ensure that bacteria are killed and acne is alleviated or even better not created. Even with irritated, red, dry and itchy skin magnolia bark powder can provide relief. The skin calms down and the complexion looks healthy, clean and even again. The advantage: The natural extract of the magnolia bark is so gentle and mild that it is also ideal for sensitive skin areas.
AnalysisItemsStandardsResultsPhysical Analysis

DescriptionYellowish brown or white powderCompliesAssayMagnolol 98% (HPLC)98.32%Mesh Size100 % pass 80 meshCompliesAsh≤ 5.0%2.85%Chemical Analysis

Heavy Metal≤ 10.0 mg/kgCompliesPb≤ 2.0 mg/kgCompliesAs≤ 1.0 mg/kgCompliesMicrobiological Analysis

Residue of PesticideNegativeNegativeTotal Plate Count≤ 1000cfu/gCompliesYeast&Mold≤ 100cfu/gComplies

Magnolia Bark Extract BenefitsThanks to its powerful properties, magnolia bark also has health benefits that are independent of its ability to improve sleep (and all of the associated health benefits that come along with that). Here are some of the main benefits of magnolia bark:
1. Magnolia bark for anxiety.Through many of the same mechanisms that it supports sleep by, magnolia bark can help reduce anxiety by activating receptors in the endocannabinoid system (like CBD) and reducing adrenaline and other stress hormones like cortisol.
This may make magnolia bark a promising natural remedy for stress and anxiety, without the side effects of certain prescription anti-anxiety medications. One study done on mice found that honokiol, one of the anti-anxiety (or anxiolytic) properties found in magnolia bark, doesn’t carry the same side effects as the anxiety medication diazepam (including Valium), such as physical dependence, central depression, and amnesia.
2. Magnolia bark for managing depression.One study found that the mixture of honokiol and magnolol from magnolia bark had antidepressant-like effects on stressed rodents—it helped normalize biochemical abnormalities in serotonin (5-HT) and the main metabolite of serotonin (5-HIAA).
Other studies have found that the combination of honokiol and magnolol with ginger may have similar antidepressant properties (a common combination in Chinese medicine to treat depression), possibly by regulating both serotonergic and gastrointestinal system functions (so both the brain and the gut are involved).
3. Magnolia bark to protect brain health.Research suggests that one compound in magnolia bark, 4-O-methylhonokiol, helps prevent memory impairment, which may help prevent or slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. Honokiol and magnolol have also been shown to help decrease Aβ‐induced cell death, which may play a role in the development of Alzheimer’s disease.
4. Magnolia bark to help manage and prevent diabetes.The compounds in magnolia bark (especially honokiol) may help control blood glucose levels. One study found that 4-O-methylhonokiol, an active compound in magnolia bark, can help prevent obesity and insulin resistance. It also may help protect against oxidative liver damage, a possible complication of diabetes.
5. Magnolia bark to lower blood pressure.One study found that the magnolia bark compound honokiol had an antihypertensive effect on rats, reducing systolic blood pressure significantly when the honokiol was administered long-term.
6. Magnolia bark for reducing inflammation and pain.In one study, magnolia bark extract helped reduce the secretion of inflammatory markers in cells. The compounds honokiol and magnolol have also been found to alleviate pain resulting from inflammation.
7. Magnolia bark for treating the symptoms of menopause.When magnolia bark was combined with magnesium, one study found that menopausal women saw significant decreases in the frequency and severity of symptoms including flushing, night sweats, palpitations, insomnia, anxiety, depression, irritability, vaginal dryness, and libido loss, as compared to women taking a combination of calcium and vitamin D3.
8. Magnolia bark for dental health.One study found that breath mints made with magnolia bark helped kill the oral bacteria that causes bad breath and tooth decay within 30 minutes, suggesting that magnolia bark in gum and mints may make visits to the dentist’s office much more pleasant. Research has also found that its antimicrobial properties may also inhibit the formation of plaque.
Magnolia Bark Extract Uses:1. From Traditional Chinese Medicine ,magnolia bark can promote sleep, support weight loss, stimulate the digestive system, Magnolol and Honokiol has the function of anti-tumo,anti-inflammatory2. Can inhibit bacteria growth and viral infection and Magnolol can protect the brain from Alzheimer’s disease.
3. Can alleviate anxiety, improve sleep and relieves insomnia, and cure the habit of tobacco.
4. It also has effect on anti-cancer,and anti-dental caries and anti-periodontal disease.
Magnolia Bark for SleepIn 1983, tests on mice were conducted to see how they would respond to Magnolia Bark extract. Magnolia Bark’s benefits for sleep were first documented in these studies when researchers noticed calm and relaxed behavior among the mice. Further studies performed on rats found regulated serotonin release after the rats were injected with Magnolol. As a result, metabolic rate and colonic temperature were notably reduced. Research determined that magnolia grandiflora bark extract seems to interact with the serotonin transporter but so far has not discovered how it interacts with the serotonin transporter. However, it is able to regulate serotonin release from neurons.
The neolignans found in Magnolia Bark extract (Honokiol and Magnolol) have been found to interact with GABAA receptors in both in vitro and in vivo studies. Relaxation effects were noted with magnolol in isolation and seems to promote healthy sleep patterns when taken orally. In addition, GABAA agonists will augment the effects. Clinical studies have found that the neolignans (Magnolol and Honokiol) in Magnolia bark seem to have a positive impact on modulating muscarinic acetylcholine receptors in a similar fashion to how they impact GABAA receptors. The neolignans in Magnolia Bark (Magnolol and Honokiol) seem to increase the binding affinity of muscarine to the muscarinic acetylcholine receptors. This is due to its ability to allosterically modify low binding receptors to a higher binding capacity and therefore causing a larger amount of overall binding. Magnolol and Honokiol both increased binding in rat cerebella by 64% and 71% respectively and 2.8 and 3.2-fold respectively in rat forebrains.
Magnolia Bark Extract Standardization
This Magnolia Bark Extract is standardized to Magnolol + Honokiol minimum content 80% by UPLC
Magnolia Bark Recommended DosageAs a dietary supplement, take 200mg of Magnolia Bark Extract once daily.
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