Milk Thistle Seed Powder

Product Name: Milk Thistle Seed Powder

Latin Name: Silybum marianum G.

Content: Silymarin

Specs :40-100mesh

Part used:Milk Thistle Seed

Appearance: Brown yellow to light yelllow fine powder

CAS No.: 65666-07-1

Application:Milk Thistle SD powder can be used as feed additve, also kudzu powder can be used in the health product manufacture area.

Pack:By 25KGS/Fiber drum,inner by double plastic bags

Storage:Stored in cool & dry place ,keep away from direct suglight & moisture

Shelf life:Two years under proper storage.

What is Milk Thistle Seed Powder ?
Milk thistle seed powder helps treat liver medical conditions, for example, cirrhosis. In the wake of collecting, the seeds are squashed or broken to deliver the strong medication that is consumed into a liquor combination. This concentrate, normally known as a color, is regulated straightforwardly into the body.
Milk thistle seed powder is produced using premium quality Silybum marianum seeds. This home grown powder has a long history of customary utilize and can be blended in with a little water or embodied and taken every day.
Milk Thistle is an enduring plant which produces seeds that we have normally separated and tenderly ground to create a fine powder. We take care to protect the significant phytochemical, silymarin, which has been known to help liver wellbeing as of now inside an ordinary reach.
LIVER SUPPORT: Milk thistle powder is believed to be especially useful for the liver. It is frequently endorsed in reciprocal and elective treatments to treat basic liver issues.
Ground-breaking DETOX SUPPLEMENT: A characteristic chemical, milk thistle contains a flavonoid with cell reinforcement and mitigating properties. When devoured routinely, it can enable the body to clear poisons from the liver, kidneys, and nerve bladder while empowering new cell development.
Hostile to Aging HERBAL REMEDY: Commonly utilized in regular enemy of maturing cures, milk thistle powder secures the skin against free extreme harm, ordinary contaminations, and hurtful UVA and UVB beams.
Guaranteed ORGANIC and VEGAN: Our natural milk thistle powder is produced using affirmed natural seeds and bundled for newness in reseal
Basic Information:Product nameMilk Thistle Seed Powder(Milk thistle extract)Latin nameSilybum marianum (Linn.) Gaertn.Place of OriginLiaoning,Inner Mongolia ChinaPart usedSeedExtraction TypeSolvent Extraction (Acetone/Ethanol)Active IngrdientsSilymarin/Silybin, Isosilybin, Silychristin, SilydianinCas No65666-07-1 22888-70-6Molecular FormulaC25H22O10Formula Weight482.44SynonymsSilybum marianum ,cardus marianus, milk thistle, blessed milk thistle, Marian Thistle, Mary Thistle, Saint Mary’s Thistle, Mediterranean milk thistle,variegated thistle , Scotch thistle,SilymarinTest MethodHPLC /UVFormula StructureSpecifications10:1 Brown yellow powderSilymarin 45%-60%, USP Yellow powder
Silymarin 80%&Silybin+Isosilybin 30% Yellow powder
Silybin 70%-98% White powder
Water soluble Silymarin 10%-45% brown yellow powder
ApplicationMedicine, food additive, dietary supplement, sports nutrition

AnalysisSpecificationResultTest methodAssay(Silymarin)80.00% Min80.26%UVAppearanceLight yellow powderCompliesVisualHeavy metals20ppm MaxCompliesAASArsenic(As)2ppm MaxCompliesAASMercury(Hg)1ppm MaxCompliesAASMicrobiology

Total Plate Count1,000cfu/g MaxCompliesAOACYeast & Mold100cfu/g MaxCompliesAOACSalmonellaNegativeNegativeAOAC

Milk Thistle Seed Powder Benefits:

Milk thistle is sometimes used as a natural treatment for liver problems. These liver problems include cirrhosis, jaundice, hepatitis, and gallbladder disorders. Some claim milk thistle may also: Provide heart benefits by lowering cholesterol levels.
1.Supports liver healthOne of the most common uses of milk thistle is to treat liver problems.
2.Promotes skin healthMilk thistle may help to promote healthy skin. A 2015 study found that milk thistle helped improve inflammatory skin conditions when applied to the skin of mice.3.Reduces cholesterolA 2006 study suggests milk thistle may play an important role keeping cholesterol levels down. It found that cholesterol levels were lower in people taking milk thistle to treat diabetes than those taking a placebo.
4.Supports weight lossThis suggests milk thistle may be beneficial for those looking to lose weight.
5.Reduces insulin resistanceA study on mice found milk thistle extract helped to reduce insulin resistance. Insulin resistance is a problem for people with type 2 diabetes.
6.Improves allergic asthma symptomsThe active ingredient in milk thistle can help to reduce inflammation. A 2012 study found that silymarin helped to protect against inflammation in the airways of mice with allergic asthma.
7.Limits the spread of cancerMilk thistle may help to stop the spread of certain types of cancer. A 2016 review found that milk thistle extract inhibited the growth of cancerous cells in colorectal cancer.
8. Supports bone healthMilk thistle may play an essential role in supporting bone health. A 2013 study found that milk thistle helped to prevent bone loss.
9.Improves cognitionIn this way, milk thistle may help improve cognition and treat degenerative conditions that affect the mind. More research on humans is needed to confirm the effects of milk thistle on cognition.
10.Boosts the immune systemMilk thistle may help strengthen a person’s immune response and help them fight off infection.

Milk Thistle Seed Powder Applications:
1. Milk thistle seed powder is used as food and beverage ingredients.2. As Healthy Products ingredients.
3. As Nutrition Supplements ingredients.4. As Pharmaceutical Industry & General Drugs ingredients.
5. As a health food and cosmetic ingredients.

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