Milkweed Extract

Product Name:Milkweed Extract/Lycopodium Clavatum Powder

Appearance:Brown Powder

CAS No.: 90045-23-1

Specification: 50%, 60%

Functions: Anti-inflammatory

Test Method: HPLC


What is Milkweed Extract?The Milkweed Extract is a yellow-brown powdery extract of the dry whole plant of Lycopodium japonicum Thunb. It has the effects of dispelling wind and dampness, relaxing muscles and collaterals, and is used for joint pain, flexion and extension symptoms.Milkweed Extract is a fine powder derived from the spores of Lycopodium clavatum (stag’s horn club moss, running ground pine). When a lighted match is dropped into a pile of this powder, it does not burn. However, when the powder is dispersed into a fine mist near a candle flame, it ignites into a spectacular fireball. This results from an increasing the available surface area for combustion: when the powder is dispersed into a mist, the particles are surrounded by enough oxygen to support a combustion reaction.
Basic Information:

Product NameLycopodium Clavatum ExtractTest MethodHPLCAppearanceYellow Brown Powder
Specification100% Pure NaturalShelf Life2 Years Proper StorageGradeFood & Pharmaceutical Grade
MOQ1KGPackageBottle, Drum, Aluminum Foil BagStorageStore in cool and dry place, keep away from strong light and heat.SampleAvailablePaymentsT/T, Western Union, Paypal, MoneyGram, etc.ShipmentAir, Express, SeaMilkweed Extract Benefits
Lycopodium clavatum (Lyc) is a widely used homeopathic medicine for the liver, urinary and digestive disorders. Recently, acetyl cholinesterase (AchE) inhibitory activity has been found in Lyc alkaloid extract, which could be beneficial in dementia disorder.1.Lycopodium clavatum, like any homeopathic product, has multiple uses as mentioned in the Homeopathic Materia Medicas and known toHomeopaths.2.Lycopodium can be useful for hernia and related symptoms, in bloatedness, upper abdominal pain also for cold with nose block and nasal discharge.3.They can also be used for similar symptoms among your pets (cats, dogs).4.Lycopodium clavatum can be used for other reasons as per your physician’s advice.
Application:1. As pharmaceutical raw materials for clearing heat, anti-inflammation, detumescence and so on, it is mainly used in pharmaceutical field;2. As the raw material of product for benefiting stomach, increasing energy and boosting the immunity, widely used in health industry.

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