Mulberry Leaf Extract Powder

Product Name:Mulberry Leaf Extract Powder

Latin Name:Folium Mori

Botanical Source:Morus alba L.

Colour:Brown powder


Active ingredient:1-DNJ

Test method:HPLC

Part used:Leaf

Certifications: ISO,KOSHER,Halal,Organic;

What is Mulberry Leaf Extract Powder?Mulberry leaf extract powder 1% 1-DNJ (HPLC). Mulberry leaf extract is a derivative of mulberry leaf, which has been used in medicine for many years in China. Mulberry leaves are rich in nutrients and contain a variety of vitamins and effective ingredients, which are beneficial to human health.
1-Deoxynojirimycin(DNJ) is a kind of alkaloid present in Mulberry leaves and root bark. DNJ is naturally occurs in in other plants and microbes. We extract the DNJ from leaf of Morus alba L..
Research shows that when DNJ can inhibit the decomposition of starch and sugar,thus blocking the body’s absorption of sugar, and inhibit the increase of glucose without diet change. In addition, DNJ can inhibit the glucose modification process of HIV membrane glycoprotein.Mulberry leaf extract is considered as a nice herb in the ancient China for anti-inflammation, anti-aging and maintaining health. Mulberry leaf extract powder is rich in amino acids, vitamin C and antioxidants. Among this components, the most valuable are rutoside and DNJ (1-Deoxynojimycin). The latest chinese research has shown that Mulberry Leaf Extract Powder rutoside and DNJ are effective in regulating blood fat, balancing blood pressure, reducing blood glucose, and boosting metabolism. So they are widely used as raw materials for curing diabetes.Basic Information:Product nameMulberry leaf extract PowderLatin nameFolium MoriPart usedLeafExtraction TypeSolvent ExtractionActive IngrdientsDNJ, FlavonoidsCas No19130-96-2Molecular FormulaC6H13NO4Molecular Weight163.17Test MethodUV/TLC/HPLCSpecificationsFlavoniod 1%, 2% , 4:1, 10:1 Brown yellow powderDNJ 1%-20% Green powder
ApplicationMedicine, food additivesMulberry Leaf Extract Powder Benefits:1.Contains Minerals and AntioxidantsAccording to an article published in the “International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition” in 2006, mulberry leaf extract powder contain calcium, iron and zinc. Mulberry also contains the antioxidants ascorbic acid and beta carotene. Antioxidants inhibit cellular damage caused by free radicals, which get created during food digestion and smoke and radiation exposure. Regularly consuming foods and drinks rich in beta carotene may reduce your risk of cancer, according to PubMed Health.
2.Lowers Blood Glucose LevelsType 2 diabetes is characterized by increased blood glucose levels. According to a study published in “The American Journal of Chinese Medicine” in 2012, mulberry lowers blood glucose due to its gallic acid content. In a study published in “Diabetes Care” in 2007, this effect was shown in Type 2 diabetes patients. In the study, everyone in a diabetes group and a healthy control group received a sucrose drink, but some also got mulberry leaf extract powder, while the others got a placebo. Blood glucose was tested beforehand and two, three and four hours after sucrose consumption. The results showed that taking mulberry significantly curbed glucose spikes in the first two hours after consumption. The scientists concluded that mulberry could be useful both in the treatment of diabetes and in its prevention.
3.Reduces Bad CholesterolIn a study published in 2013 in “BioMed Research International,” triglyceride and LDL cholesterol levels were lowered significantly in patients given 280 grams of mulberry leaf extract powder three times daily for three months. A study published in 2010 in the “Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition” found similar results after giving participants 12 milligrams of mulberry leaf extract three times daily for three months. These studies suggest that regular heavy doses of this herb may be required to see significant results in lowering cholesterol and triglycerides. However, sipping some mulberry leaf tea regularly may help prevent high cholesterol.
4.Has Anti-Inflammatory EffectsAccording to a study published in 2013 in the “Journal of Functional Foods,” mulberry leaf extract powder has been traditionally used to treat inflammation caused by chronic diseases, and the results of the study verify its anti-inflammatory effects. In vitro, scientists found mulberry leaf inhibits inflammatory agents in the body, cutting off the body’s inflammatory response. This effect was shown in rats in a study published in 2010 in “Phytotherapy Research.” Rats with induced paw edema were introduced to mulberry, which inhibited the formation of inflamed paw tissue. These studies suggest mulberry leaf tea could be used to help ease pain by reducing inflammation.
Mulberry Leaf Extract Powder Applications:1. Blood sugar lowering activities;
2. Free radical scavenging activities;
3. Immune adjustment activities;
4. Mulberry Leaf Extract Powder has Weight loss function by preventing absorption;
Packing & Storage :
Packing: 25Kg/Fiber Drum, double plastic bag inside.1Kg/Bag, aluminum foil bag vacuum packingOr customized.
Storage: Kept away from strong light and heat.
Shelf Life: 24 months for powder
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