MF: C15H17ClN4
MW: 288.78
CAS: 88671-89-0


Nitrile bacterium azole efficacy with persistance is longer, very safe to crops, and stimulate the role of crop growth, use at standard doses, very safe for human, non-toxic. Nitrile azole bacterium is belong to the broad spectrum of systemic fungicide, effect on the crop protection and disease prevention, sterilization principle is that the pathogen of ergot steroid Chemicalbook alcohol biosynthesis have inhibition effect, especially in the basidiomycete fungi, ascomycetes has very good control effect, apply to the prevention and treatment of pears, apples, nuts, grapes, flowers, rice, wheat and cotton and so on the black star disease, powdery mildew, each spot, leaf mildew, rot, rust, and so on diseases have a very good effect.

Uptake, broad spectrum azole fungicide. Ergosterol methylation inhibitors. Application range similar to mi the fungus nitrile, dose for 1/5 of the mi the fungus nitrile. General dose per hectare of 20 ~ 100 g effective components. According to the different objects or higher or lower than this value. Such as prevention and control of wheat powdery mildew to 30 ~ 60 g per hectare effective components of water spray Chemicalbook fog; Prevention and control of the hook on the grape silk shell belongs to the bacteria in 84 ~ 140 g per hectare effective component spray; This product can also be used to deal with the seed, per 100 kg seeds treated with 10 ~ 20 g of this product, can control of wheat and barley powder smut fungus, bacteria net red in black powder, etc. To powdery mildew, rust, scab, resistant, leaf spot, smut, etc have very good control effect

Prevention and control of objects:
Nitrile ascomycetes fungus azole used for the prevention and treatment of a variety of crops, imperfect bacteria and basidiomycete fungi diseases, used for the prevention and treatment of cucumber, pear, apple, grape, banana, wheat powdery mildew, scab disease, etc. Main registration form can be wet Chemicalbook powder, butter, water dispersible granule, water emulsions, micro emulsion, suspending agent, etc. Seed treatment can prevent the wheat, barley, corn, cotton and rice crop variety of seed and soil borne disease. Can also be used to storage disease prevention and control