Nettle Leaf Powder

Product Name:Nettle Leaf Powder

Latin Name: Urtica Cannabina L.

Specification Ratio: 10:1;

Test method:TLC;

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Package: 25kg/drum;


What is Nettle Leaf Powder?The nettle leaf powder made of dried nettle leaves is actually a concentrated form of nutrients contained in these leaves that are rich in minerals (calcium, potassium, silica, sulfur, magnesium, iron, copper), vitamins (vitamin A, vitamin B2, vitamin B9, vitamin C, Vitamin D, vitamin K), amino acids, proteins, polysaccharides, plant pigments (chlorophyll, carotenoids), fatty acids, sterols, tannins and many other phytochemicals.Nettle leaf powder can be used as a nutrient-rich food additive in sauces, soups or salads, as well as a conditioning agent in cosmetic preparations, shampoos and hair masks. It is rich in the green pigment, chlorophyll, so it is perfectly usable as a natural food, cosmetic and soap colorant. Its high content of proteins, vitamins and minerals makes nettle leaf powder a great dietary supplement which is often sold in a capsule or tablet form.Organic nettle leaf powder is well-known for its high iron content and it is often recommended to people suffering from iron deficiency. When mixed in a cup of water, homemade nettle leaf powder can be used for the same purposes as tablets or capsules.Basic Information:

Product NameNettle Leaf ExtractApperanceBrown fine powderSpecificationOrganic Silica: 0.8%-1%;β-Sitosterol: 0.8%-1%;
Ratio product: 5:1-20:1;
Nettle Leaf / Root / Whole Herb PowderCas No.7440-21-3M.F.C29H50OANALYSISSPECIFICATIONRESULTSMethodAppearanceYellow brown powderCompliesOrganolepticOdorCharacteristicCompliesOrganolepticAssay(by)

Sieve analysis100% pass 80 meshComplies80 mesh ScreenLoss on Drying≤5.0%3.51%Eur.Ph.7.0<2.2.32>ICP-MSSulphacted Ash≤5.0%3.06%Eur.Ph.7.0<2.2.32>ICP-MSHeavy Metal<10ppmCompliesEur.Ph.7.0<2.2.58>ICP-MSAs<2ppmCompliesEur.Ph.7.0<2.2.58>ICP-MSHg<2ppmCompliesEur.Ph.7.0<2.2.58>ICP-MSCd<2ppmCompliesEur.Ph.7.0<2.2.58>ICP-MSPb<2ppmCompliesEur.Ph.7.0<2.2.58>ICP-MSMicrobiology

Total Plate Count<10000CFU/gCompliesEur.Ph.7.0<2.6.12>ICP-MSYeast & Mold<1000CFU/gCompliesEur.Ph.7.0<2.6.12>ICP-MSE.ColiNegativeNegativeEur.Ph.7.0<2.6.12>ICP-MSSalmonellaNegativeNegativeEur.Ph.7.0<2.6.12>ICP-MSStaph-aureusNegativeNegativeEur.Ph.7.0<2.6.12>ICP-MSNettle Leaf Powder Benefits:
1.Kidney support – Interestingly Nettle Leaf Powder is a diuretic acting to support kidney function, flushing through water. The flowing, changeable nature of water connects water with emotion. Water flows around things but can be tumultuous. Interestingly people fear nettles and their sting, a sting which, as we’ll see is long revered for its healing properties. In global wisdom medicinal traditions, the pair organ of the kidneys are also linked with the emotion of fear.2.Anti-inflammatory – Organic nettle leaf powder were used by Roman soldiers as whips which induce an inflammatory reaction, relaxing tired muscles and aching joints. We have. Seen this heroic form of herbalism work amazingly in cases of osteoarthritis -literally stinging frozen knee joints resulting is much looser freer movement and decrease pain.3.Anti-inflammatory for reactivity – In cases of hay fever and other histamine reactions nettle stings anywhere on the body, will alleviate symptoms and drinking dried nettles or freshly picked nettles in tea will support restoring the body to balance.4.Anti-itch (Skin) – Nettle Leaf Powder are heating and drying to the body hence ruled by Mars, helping with eczema, dermatitis, rhinitis, basically anywhere there is inflammation and heat. This is not recommended for long term as a simple (just using nettles on their own) use in a hot condition as it can dry and overheat the system, thus we blend the herb with other more moistening or cooling plants to create a balanced mix.5.Nutrient-rich nourishment – Organic nettle leaf powder are a rich source of iron and many other minerals. The leaves have a distinctly fishy, sea-weedy smell and taste. Super nourishing for the blood this interaction in the body is called an Alterative. Nettle’s iron content makes it a wonderful blood builder, and the presence of vitamin C aids in the iron absorption.As a herb rich in iron nettles are excellent for anaemia (see Iron Deficient Anaemia profile below). and fatigue, especially in women, promoting the process of protein transamination in the liver, effectively utilising digested proteins, while simultaneously preventing them from being discharged through the body as waste products. Because of its many nutrients, stinging nettle is traditionally used as a spring tonic. It is a slow-acting nutritive herb that gently cleanses the body of metabolic wastes.6.Blood support – Nettle Leaf Powder are chlorophyl-rich. Chlorophyl, assists in converting sunlight to energy for the plant and mycelium at the roots. The more shaded the are the nettles grow in, the more chlorophyl-rich they are. Chlorophyl chemically akin to haemoglobin, the carrier of oxygen in our blood. This makes nettle excellent for building up the blood as well as its iron-richness.double blood-buildeNettle Leaf Powder dosageADULTSBY MOUTH:For diabetes: 500 mg of stinging nettle leaf powder has been taken three times per day for 12 weeks. Also, 3.3 grams of stinging nettle leaf has been taken three times daily for 8 weeks. A combination product containing 200 mg of stinging nettle, 200 mg of milk thistle, and 200 mg of frankincense taken three times per day for 3 months has also been used.For osteoarthritis: 9 grams of crude stinging nettle leaf has been used daily. Also, an infusion containing 50 mg of stinging nettle leaf has been taken along with 50 mg of diclofenac daily for 14 days. A specific combination product (Rosaxan, medAgil Gesundheitsgesellschaft mbH) containing stinging nettle, rose hip, devil’s claw, and vitamin D taken by mouth as 40 mL daily has been used for 12 weeks.APPLIED TO THE SKIN:For osteoarthritis: Fresh stinging nettle leaf has been applied to painful joints for 30 seconds once per day for one week. Also a specific cream containing stinging nettle leaf extract (Liquid Phyto-Caps Nettle Leaf by Gaia Herbs) has been applied twice daily for 2 weeks.Application:
1. Applied in pharmaceutical grade,nettle extract is mainly used as raw materials;2. Applied in health product industry, nettle extract powder is mainly used as a active ingredients of products for improving sexual function and building body muscle.

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