CAS no. : 150824-47-8
Molecular formula: C11H15ClN4O2
Molecular weight: 270.72


Target crops:
Ene organism worm amine can be widely used in rice, fruit, vegetables and tea and other agricultural and gardening, prevent, whiteflies, the rice planthopper aphids, leafhoppers, a variety of sucking mouthparts pests such as thrips, possesses high efficiency, wide insecticidal spectrum Chemicalbook, unique way of function, less dosage, low toxicity and efficacy lasting and crop with the adr, with people of low toxicity, safe use, etc. Its advantage lies in the mainstream and new neonicotinoid insecticides of imidacloprid and thiamethoxam lamictal without resistance of interaction.

Method of use:
1, the prevention and control of aphids: with 10% water soluble liquid agent or 10% of 2000 ~ 3000 times liquid evenly spray. Also can use 10% ene organism worm amine soluble granule 2000 times liquid filling root, has good control effect to the greenhouse cucumber aphid, 10 days after drug of population decline rate more than 96%. The effective up to more than 20 days. 2, control whiteflies, whitefly, with 10% ene soluble organism worm amine liquid agent 2000 evenly spray, can also be watered when engraftment ene organism worm amine agent 2000 ~ 10% chemicalbook00 30 times. For generations (adults, nymphs, eggs), and the population base of high field, control effect is outstanding, the effective period of 20 days or so. 3, prevention and treatment of thrips: use 10% olefin soluble organism worm amine liquid agent 3000 times dilution + 5% totally mi 2000 times liquid spray evenly. Control effect. 4, the prevention and treatment of BPH: rice planthopper outbreak period, with 10% totally 2000 times liquid evenly spray insect amine, control effect of 90% above, effect is significantly superior to 30% organism microphones. Readily availability is very obvious, the effect can reach about 15 days.

Melting point of 83-84 °
The boiling point of 417.2 + / – 45.0 ° C (Predicted)
1.254 + / – 0.06 g/cm3 density (Predicted)
Flash point > 70 ° C
Storage conditions KeepindarkChemicalbookplace Inertatmosphere, Roomtemperature
Acidity coefficient (pKa) 2.46 + / – 0.70 (Predicted)
Form neat
BRN 8489488

This product is a new neonicotinoid insecticides, with unique chemical and biological properties. The main role in insects, the synaptic receptors have nerve block effect, used in rice, vegetables and other crops, for all kinds of aphids, mealworms, rice leafhopper and thrips shows excellent activity, with high efficiency and low Chemicalbook poison, absorption and resistance of interaction within four major advantages, and has a wide insecticidal spectrum, longer residue (100 mg/kg applied, sustainable 15 d), to the rice planthopper, in 0.5 ~ 0.8 mg/kg, the fatality rate can reach 100%, still use safety, pest is not easy to produce antibodies.

1. Can not be used and alkaline reagents (such as lime sulfur mixture) ene organism worm amine on the use, can not be used and alkaline reagents (such as lime sulfur mixture), mixed with alkaline reagents, prone to the adr, and toxic for the bees, fish and aquatic life, silkworm, medicine in areas such as the need to avoid the apiary and mulberry field. 2. Serious pest, it is suggested that with high content of reagents with its homicide insect components distribution, insecticidal effect is better also need to pay attention to finally, for the use of organism worm amine Chemicalbook, some cat friends mention low content result is bad, if the insect pest, suggest using high content of olefin organism worm amine or other insecticidal ingredient pharmaceutical distribution, such as pyrazole ketone of aphid, bifenthrin ester, insecticidal effect is better. 3. Pay attention to the use of the number of times and safety interval ene organism worm amine in each crop cycle times, cannot too much, up to 4 times, avoid using too many times, because of the adr, and olefinic organism worm amine security clearances for 7 to 14 days, the cat friends need to remember.