MF: C11H15ClN4O2
MW: 270.72
CAS: 150824-47-8


Mechanism of action
Ene pyridamine is a niacin acetylcholinesterase receptor inhibitor, with internal suction and osmosis, mainly in insect nerves, inhibit the activity of acetylene cholinesterase, act on choline energy receptors, expand diaphragm difference after electrostation, and make the synaptic diaphragm stimulation drop, resulting in nerve axon Chemicalbook contact diaphragm potential channel stimulation loss, nerve blocking effect on the insect’s nerve synapses receptor, resulting in the death of the insect’s nerve synapses. Due to the high water solubility and low distribution coefficient of oleomethamine, the oleome is less toxic to animals, and most metabolites can be excreted with the metabolism of the body.

Target crops
Ene pyrethroids can be widely used in rice, fruit trees, vegetables and tea and other agricultural and horticulture, to prevent aphids, rice fly lice, tobacco powder lice, leaf pickles, horse and other stinging mouth pests, with ultra-efficient, insecticidal spectrum Chemicalbook wide, unique way of action, low dosage, low toxicity, long-lasting efficacy, no harm to crops, low toxicity to humans, safe to use and so on. Its advantage is that it has no interaction resistance with the mainstream nephro-alkali insecticides pyrethroids and pyrethroids.

How to use it
1, control aphids: with 10% soluble liquid or 10% water agent 2000 to 3000 times liquid uniform spray. It can also be used 10% ene aphid amine soluble granulator 2000 times liquid irrigation root, the greenhouse cucumber aphids have better anti-effect, after 10 days of drug insect mouth remission rate of more than 96%. The duration of the holding can be more than 20 days. 2, control tobacco powder lice, white powder lice: with 10% ene aphid amine soluble liquid 2000 uniform spray, can also be watered at the time of planting 10% ene aphidamine water agent 2000 to 30 Chemicalbook 00 times liquid. For the generational overlap (adult insects, if insects, eggs) and the insect mouth base is high, the effectiveness is outstanding, the effectiveness of up to 20 days or so. 3, prevention and control of puma: with 10% ene aphidamine soluble liquid dilution 3000 times the 5% pyrethroid 2000 times liquid uniform spray. The effect of prevention and control is outstanding. 4, control of fly lice: fly lice outbreak period, with 10% ene pyrethroid 2000 times liquid uniform spray, anti-efficiency of more than 90%, the effect is significantly better than 30% pyrethroids. Quick-acting is very obvious, the effectiveness can reach about 15 days.

This product is a neo-niacin insecticide with unique chemical and biological properties. Mainly acting on insect nerves, the pest synaptic receptor has a nerve blocking effect, used in rice, vegetables and other crops, a variety of aphids, powder lice, rice leaf jelly and horse show excellent activity, with high efficiency, low Chemicalbook toxicity, internal absorption and non-interactive resistance to the four major Advantages, and a wide range of insecticidal spectra, a longer residual period (with 100mg/kg application, sustainable 15d), rice fly lice, at 0.5 to 0.8mg/kg, the fatality rate can still reach 100%, safe to use, Pests are less likely to produce antibodies.