Oat Bran Beta Glucan

Product Name: Oat Bran Beta Glucan

Latin Name: Avena Sativa L.

Other Name:70% Beta Glucan

Appearance: Off-White Fine Powder

Active Ingredient:Beta Glucan


Package: 25kg/drum;

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What is Oat Bran Beta Glucan?Oats are widely regarded as one of the healthiest grains you can eat, as they’re packed with many important vitamins, minerals, and fiber.
The oat grain (Avena sativa) is harvested and processed to remove the inedible outer hull. What’s left is the oat groat, which is further processed to make oatmeal. Oat bran beta glucan is the outer layer of the oat groat, which sits just beneath the inedible hull. While oat groats and steel-cut oats naturally contain bran, oat bran is also sold separately as its own product.
Oat bran is linked to many health benefits, such as improved blood sugar control, healthy bowel function, and lower blood pressure and cholesterol.Oat beta-glucan offers multiple health benefits with authorized claims, including a decreased risk of CVD, in both the US and Europe, as well as in other parts of the world. A sustainable and consumer-friendly ingredient, oat bran beta glucan can be used in numerous applications to deliver excellent functionality through its water-binding properties along with its excellent solubility.Basic Information:Test/ObservationSpecificationsResultCharactersPowderCompliesOdourCharacteristicCharacteristicMesh80CompliesSolubilitySoluble in WaterCompliesContent %MIN. 2020.15Regulatory Status:GMO.BSE-TSE
FreeNot containing animal ingredients and derivatives
CompliesPb PPMMAX.1CompliesAs PPMHg PPMCd PPMMAX.1MAX.0.1MAX.1CompliesNoneCompliesHeavy Metals PPMPesticide residua:BHCDDTMAX.10

Oat Bran Beta Glucan Benefits:
1. Packed With NutrientsOat bran has a well-balanced nutritional composition.
While it has similar amounts of carbs and fat as regular oatmeal, oat bran boasts more protein and fiber — and fewer calories. It is especially high in beta-glucan, a powerful type of soluble fiber (1, 2, 3).
2. High in AntioxidantsOat bran beta glucan is high in multiple antioxidants that may help combat chronic diseases and offer health benefits.3. May Reduce Heart Disease Risk FactorsOat bran is high in beta-glucans, a type of soluble fiber that may help reduce cholesterol and blood pressure — two key risk factors for heart disease.4. May Help Control Blood Sugar LevelsOat bran’s soluble fiber may prevent blood sugar spikes and control blood sugar levels — especially in people with type 2 diabetes.5. May Support Healthy BowelsOat bran is high in both soluble and insoluble fiber, which may help relieve constipation and support bowel health.6. May Provide Relief for Inflammatory Bowel DiseaseOat bran may help relieve IBD symptoms by nourishing colon cells and helping reduce inflammation. However, more human studies are needed.7. May Lower Your Risk of Colorectal CancerAnimal and test-tube studies indicate that several oat bran compounds may protect against colorectal cancer, but more human studies are needed.8. May Aid Weight LossOat bran is high in soluble fiber, which may suppress hunger hormones and boost fullness hormones. In turn, this may aid weight loss.9. Easy to Add to Your DietOat bran is delicious, versatile, and easy to add to your diet. Try it in baked goods, as a hot cereal, or sprinkled atop various snack or breakfast foods.Application:
Applied in cosmetic field,oat extract has excellent moisture effect, to hold skin full water;Applied in health product field, oat extract to be used as raw material added into health product;.Applied in food field, oat extract can be used to preventing atherosclerosis, hypertension and coronary heart disease.Do You Want To Place An Order With Us Now?

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