Okra Powder

Product Name: Okra powder

Latin Name: Abelmoschus esculentus (Linn.)Moench

Specification:80~100 Mesh;

Appearance: green powder;

Test Method: TLC;

Advantage: bulk stock in USA warehouse;


What is Okra Powder?The okra powder is made from the okra condiment which is a typical vegetable of the Cajun, Creole and African diet. Grown with care and harvested at its peak freshness, these okra vegetables are sun-dried and processed into a fine powder. Rich in fiber, okra is an ally of digestion and also has a laxative effect mitigated by its antispasmodic properties. It is also a serious alternative to Viagra, as it contains a lot of soluble dietary fibre, known for its beneficial effects on cholesterol. It is a vegetable that provides an interesting contribution of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Organic okra powder (also known as gumbo), is a tall-growing, warm-season, annual vegetable from the same family as hollyhock,rose of Sharon and hibiscus. The immature pods are used for soups, canning and stews or as a fried or boiled vegetable. The hibiscus look like flowers and upright plant (3 to 6 feet or more in height) has ornamental value for backyard gardens.
Organic Okra powder including tender pod extract and whole body extract.Okra rich in glycoprotein, pectin, milk , gumarabic,bflavonoids,bcarotenoids,VA,VC,VE,and selenium, phosphorus, ferrum, zinc, magnesium and other nutrients.Okra extraction has a variety of effects such as enhancing male sexual capacity,tonifying kidney, aiding digestion,reducing fatigue and enhancing physical endurance,relieving constipation,skin care and other effects. Thus, Organic Okra powder has become a popular health care product all over the world.
Inclusion of okra powder significantly increased the viscosity and increased dispersibility of reconstituted yam flour. Addition of okra powder significantly (p < 0.05) reduced the fat and increased the moisture content of ojojo. Furthermore, increasing addition of okra consistently improved the sensory acceptability of ojojo by increasing the product’s moistness and fluffiness with reduced crispiness and roughness. In conclusion, addition of 0%–2% of okra powder to reconstituted YF produced ojojo samples which compared favourably with those made from RY in terms of colour, flavour and taste.
Basic Information:Name:Okra Powder, Organic Okra Powder,Okra Extract PowderLatin Name:Abelmoschus esculentusAppearance:Light brownPart:HerbCAS NO:145039-76-5Form:powderDescription:Okra (Abelmoschus esculentus Moench, Hibiscus esculentis Linn), known in manyEnglish-speaking countries as lady’s fingers or gumbo, is a flowering plant in the mallowfamily. Okra is an annual herb that is widely cultivated for its edible green seed pods intropical, subtropical and warm temperate climates. Okra is a hardy plant that can groweven with less water and in hot conditions.Okra fruit is valued as vegetable, harvested while young and has mucus-like juice that isused to thicken stews (gumbo). Okra is also known for its nutritional value and offersvarieties of health benefits.

Function:1. It has a protective mucin secretion in the stomach, and to promote the secretion ofgastric juice, increase appetite, improve digestion embolism.2. It may activate male central nervous and male organ.3. It applies to the prostatitis, male sexual weak, endocrine disorders. Improve the malesexual, anti-fatigue,4. It may prevent bowel cancer and constipation, Protecting liver, fall hematic fat,promote digestWe accept audit directly and tested by third party like SFDA in any time. No any riskcommitment for Customers.8. various payment terms—We can accept various payment terms like LC, DP and so on.9. Our service—Free sample and 24 hours on-line professional service.

Shelf Life:2 years when properly stored

Okra Powder Benefits:1.Rich in nutrientsOkra powder is rich in many nutrients and particularly high in vitamins C and K. This fruit is unique, as it provides protein, a nutrient that many other fruits and vegetables lack.2.Contains beneficial antioxidantsOkra powder is rich in antioxidants that may reduce your risk of serious diseases, prevent inflammation, and contribute to overall health. Most notably, it contains polyphenols that may contribute to heart and brain health.3. May lower heart disease riskAnimal research suggests that okra may bind to cholesterol in your gut and lower blood cholesterol levels. It’s also rich in polyphenols, which fight harmful inflammation and protect your heart.4.May have anticancer propertiesOkra powder contains a protein called lectin, which is being studied for its role in cancer prevention and treatment. More human research is needed.5. May lower blood sugarEating organic okra powder has been linked to blood sugar control. Yet, some research suggests that it may interfere with common diabetes medications.6.Beneficial for pregnant womenEating okra powder may help pregnant women meet their daily folate needs. Folate is important for preventing neural tube defects.7. Easy to add to your dietOkra extract powder can become slimy when cooked. To prevent this, follow the simple cooking methods above.
Okra Powder Uses1. Applied in the Pharmaceutical field;2. Applied in the Functional food field;3. Applied in the Healthcare products field.
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Where to buy Okra Powder?The best quality okra is carefully prepared without the use of excess heat and chemicals. Always choose a product which is natural and pure and has no added fillers or preservatives. A concentrated extract provides a powerful way to get a larger dose of okra’s nutrients in each dose. We offer a 10:1 concentrated extract powder which is ten times more powerful than the raw root. Okra powder should be kept in airtight packing and stored in a dry, dark and cool place.

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