Organic Astaxanthin Powder

Product Name:Organic Astaxanthin Powder

CAS No.: 472-61-7

Molecular Formula: C40H52O4

Molecular Weight: 596.85

Specification: 1%-10% assay by HPLC

Appearance: Dark Red Powder

Specification: natural Astaxanthin 10% HPLC;

Certifications: ISO,KOSHER,Halal,Organic;

Stock in LA USA warehouse;

Insoluble in water and ethyl;

What is Organic Astaxanthin Powder?

Organic astaxanthin powder (pronounced asta-zan-thin) is a naturally occurring carotenoid found in seafood and sea life, like crustaceans and microalgae. According to the Linus Pauling Institute, carotenoids are a class of over 750 richly colored molecules synthesized by plants, algae, and photosynthetic bacteria.
Carotenoids are responsible for the bright colors of plants and vegetables. While you probably knew that beta carotene is orange, astaxanthin is responsible for the red colors seen in flamingos, salmon (especially sockeye salmon), and krill. Interesting fact, it is the higher astaxanthin content that gives wild-caught salmon a brighter red color than their farmed counterparts.
Astaxanthin is one of the most powerful carotenoids. It is produced in nature as a protectant itself from the effects of losing its nutrient supply and to stay alive. This explains why it’s found in very high amounts in salmon. They need it for the endurance to swim upstream!

Basic Information:

Botanical SourceHaematococcus Pluvialis ExtractPart UsedWholesale PartActive IngredientsAstaxanthinAppearanceDark Red PowderFlavor & OdorCharacteristicParticle Size100% Pass 80 MeshPhysical
Loss on Drying≤5.0%Bulk density40-60g/100mlSulphated Ash≤5.0%General StatusNon-irradiatedChemical
Total Microbacterial Count≤1000cfu/gYeast & Mold≤100cfu/gE.ColiNegativeStaphylococcus AureusNegativeSalmonellaNegativeEnterobacteriaceaesNegativeOrganic Astaxanthin Powder Benefits:Astaxanthin and Joint HealthOrganic astaxanthin powder has natural anti-inflammatory properties after strenous exercise, but unlike prescription analgesics, it comes with no risk of addiction, heartburn, or gastrointestinal ulcers. Specifically, natural forms of astaxanthin block inflammatory COX2 enzymes, while at the same time suppressing serum levels of nitric oxide, interleukin 1B, prostaglandin E2, C Reactive Protein (CRP), and TNF-alpha (tumor necrosis factor alpha).
Astaxanthin and Skin HealthOne of the reasons why salmon roe is red in color has to do with the high levels of astaxanthin that it contains. natural astaxanthin powder has powerful UV-blocking properties that help protect the fish eggs from sun-related damage. Taking astaxanthin can also provide humans with similar health benefits. As a side benefit, the antioxidant has also been shown to reduce wrinkles, and to improve skin moisture levels.
Astaxanthin and FatigueSockeye salmon has some of the highest levels of astaxanthin found in nature, with the exception of the purest form of the pigment. In fact, this is the reason behind the vibrant red flesh of the fish. Astaxanthin is also considered the primary reason why salmon have the energy it takes to make their arduous upstream voyages each year. Natural forms of this antioxidant also provide humans with increased strength, while also offering increased recovery from exercise.
Additional Health Benefits of AstaxanthinOne of the easiest ways to take advantage of the remarkable health benefits of astaxanthin is to take BioAstin from Nutrex Hawaii. Not only does this super-antioxidant benefit one’s joints and tendons, eyes , skin, and energy levels, but astaxanthin also:
• Supports immune function• Supports cardiovascular health• Protects cells and the nervous system from oxidative damage• Supports brain healthApplication:1. In Cosmetics:Astaxanthin can significantly reduce the ROS and NMP on the dermal layer of collagen, elastin damage, to ensure the normal metabolism of the skin.2. Health care products:a.The protective effect of the eye and the central nervous system.
b.Prevention of cardiovascular disease.
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