Organic COQ10 Powder

Product Name:Organic CoQ10 Powder

Synonym: Ubidecarenone

Specification: 10% 20% 98%

Appearance: Yellow to Orange Crystalline Powder

CAS No.: 303-98-0

EINECS: 206-147-9

Molecular formula: C59H90O4

Molecular weight: 863.3435

Certifications: ISO,KOSHER,Halal,Organic;

Packing :25kgs/drum or 1kg/bag;

Stock in LA USA warehouse;

What is Organic CoQ10 Powder?Coenzyme Q10 (or Organic CoQ10 Powder) is a quinone, a substance that aids in providing energy to cells in all oxygen-breathing organisms. Researchers first discovered CoQ10 in 1957, naming it ubiquinone – the quinone found in every cell of the body (ubi = everywhere). Ubiquinones are lipophilic, water-insoluble substances that deliver electrical charges to the mitochondria, or powerhouses of the cells, so that they can produce energy and sustain life.
Coenzyme Q10, essentially a vitamin-like substance, acts as a coenzyme in the body and has a variety of critical functions. Organic CoQ10 Powder is crucial in the synthesis of a vital molecule known as adenosine triphosphate (ATP) (Wikipedia) which serves as the cell’s major energy source. ATP drives a number of biological processes including muscle contraction and the production of protein. Coenzyme Q10 plays an important role as the co-enzyme for at least three mitochondrial enzymes (complexes I, II and III) as well as enzymes in other parts of the cell.Basic Information:
Product NameCoenzyme Q10,Organic CoQ10Specification10% 20% 98%Active IngredientsCoenzymeAppearanceYellow to Orange Crystalline PowderOdor&TasteCharacteristicEINECS206-147-9CAS303-98-0Molecular FormulaC59H90O4Molecular Weight836.36Organic CoQ10 Powder Benefits:

1. It May Help Treat Heart FailureOrganic CoQ10 powder seems to help treat heart failure by improving heart function, increasing ATP production and limiting oxidative damage.2. It Could Help With Fertility
The antioxidant properties of CoQ10 could help improve sperm quality and reduce the decline in the number and quality of eggs in women.3. It Might Help Keep Your Skin Young
When applied directly to the skin, organic coq10 can reduce sun damage and increase antioxidant protection. Supplementing with CoQ10 may also help decrease the risk of skin cancer.4. It Could Reduce Headaches
Supplementing with Organic COQ10 Powder seems to help prevent and treat migraines, as it increases mitochondrial function and reduces inflammation.5. It Could Help With Exercise Performance
Exercise performance can be affected by oxidative stress and mitochondrial dysfunction. CoQ10 can help lower oxidative damage, promote exercise capacity and decrease fatigue.6. It Could Help With Diabetes
Supplementing with organic coq10 can help increase insulin sensitivity and improve blood sugar levels.7. It Might Play a Role in Cancer Prevention
Coq10 organic plays a critical role in the protection of cell DNA and cell survival, both of which are strongly linked to cancer prevention and recurrence.8. It Is Good for the Brain
Organic CoQ10 Powder has been shown to protect brain cells from oxidative damage and reduce the action of harmful compounds that can lead to brain disease.9. CoQ10 Could Protect the Lungs
Coq10 organic can reduce oxidative damage and inflammation that results in diseases of the lungs.
1. Coenzyme Q10(Organic CoQ10 Powder) has attracted more and more attention from the international market, and is widely used in nutritional supplements, cosmetics, liquids, foods, etc., especially nutritional supplements, and has become the main development trend in the future.2. In the United States, coenzyme Q10 is not only used in medicine, but also used as a vitamin as a food additive. It is freely sold as an over-the-counter drug and functional food in supermarkets, food chains and pharmacies, which determines the high level of CoQ10 Powder in the United States. Consumption basis. Europe is also an important consumer market for Coenzyme Ql0, which is also used in health foods.
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