Organic Ginger Extract

Product Name: Ginger extract

Latin Name: Rhizoma Zingiberis

Specification Ratio:4:1~20:1 Gingerol 5% 10%; 80mesh Powder

Part Used: Root

Appearance:Brown Yellow Powder- Yellow Powder

Test Method:HPLC


What is Organic Ginger Extract?Organic ginger extract is widely used as a digestive aid for mild stomach discomfort and recommended by professional herbalists to help prevent or treat nausea and vomiting caused by motion sickness, pregnancy, etc. It has the functions of strengthening stomach and stomach ulcer, gallbladder, protecting liver, strengthening heart, inhibiting platelet aggregation, preventing halo, anti-tumor, central inhibition, enhancing immunity, antibacterial, insecticidal and anti-inflammatory. It also has strong antioxidant capacity. Used as a food additive; used to formulate flavors.Organic ginger extract is a fresh rhizome extract of Zingiberaceae, a plant of the genus Zingiberaceae, and the main components are gingerene, gingerol, bisabolene, α-curcumene, methylheptenone, etc. The main component of gingerol is ginger oil, which is a yellow oily liquid with a spicy and bitter taste. Gingerol can be decomposed into mixtures of gingerene, gingerone, and gingerene ketone. It has the functions of relieving the appearance and dispelling cold, warming up and relieving vomiting, resolving phlegm and relieving cough. Commonly used for cold, cold, stomach cold, vomiting, cold phlegm cough, etc.
Organic ginger extract powder showed nephroprotection mediated by preventing the doxorubicin-induced decline of renal antioxidant status, and also by increasing the activity of GST in rats.
An extract of the rhizome of the perennial plant Zingiber officinale with potential antineoplastic activity. Ginger extract contains a number of different phenolic compounds, some of which have displayed antineoplastic, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant activities. This agent also exhibits antiemetic properties. Check for active clinical trials using this agent.Basic Information:Latin nameZingiber officinale Rosc.Part usedRootExtraction TypeSolvent ExtractionActive IngrdientsGingerols,6-Gingerol, 6-Shogaol, 8-Gingerol, 10-GingerolCas No23513-14-6Molecular FormulaC17H26O4Formula Weight300.43SynonymsZingiber Officinale Rosc./Gingerol/Ginger root Extract/Gingerol PowderTest MethodHPLC/UVFormula Structure 6-GingerolSpecificationsGingerol 5% HPLC,10%UV Light Yellow PowderOrganic Ginger Extract Benefits:1.Anti-oxidant, effectively eliminating free radicals;
2.It can decrease platelet viscosity and accumulation to improve cardiovascular health.
3.Inhibiting prostaglandin synthesis, treating rheumatoid arthritis and hyperosteogeny;
4.Organic ginger extract powder will release nausea and vomiting symptoms happened in carsickness, pregnancy, postoperation;5.Strengthening intestinal movement, promoting blood circulation, treating dyspepsia, constipation,diarrhea and other gastrointestinal diseases.Organic Ginger Extract Application:1. Applied in cosmetic field, keeping skin speckless and wrinkle-free;2. Applied in pharmaceutical field, organic ginger extract powder will promot blood circulation and regulating breathing, which will help the metabolism;3. Applied in food field,as the raw material of food, ginger extract not only nutritious and good for stomach, but aslo have the function of detoxication.
Active ingredients:gingerol (zingiberol), zingiberene, bisabolene, α-curcumene, linalool, cineole and α-borneol The other contains spicy ingredients gingerol and the decomposition product gingerone; it also contains a variety of amino acids.
Take 2g of this product powder, add 20ml of ethanol, sonicate for 20 minutes, filter, and evaporate the filtrate. Add 1ml of methanol to dissolve the residue, and use it as a test solution. Another 2g of dried ginger reference medicine was prepared, and the same method was used to prepare a reference medicine solution. According to the thin layer chromatography (Appendix VIB) test, 4 μl of each of the above two solutions were aspirated and placed on the same silica gel G thin layer plate with sodium carboxymethyl cellulose as a binder, with cyclohexane-diethyl ether (1: 1) As a developing agent, unroll, take out, dry, spray with vanillin sulfuric acid test solution, and heat at 105 ° C until the spots are clear.
In the chromatogram of the test sample, spots of the same color are displayed at positions corresponding to the chromatogram of the reference drug.
Precautions:The American Association of Plant Products (AHPA) gives fresh ginger roots a level 1 safety rating, indicating that they are very safe herbs over a wide range of dosages. There are very few side effects associated with ginger, but taking too much of this herb may cause mild heartache. APHA gives a dry ginger root 2b safety rating, indicating that it should not be taken during pregnancy.
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