Organic Green Coffee Bean Powder

Product Name:Organic Green Coffee Bean Powder

English Name:Caffeic acid

Latin Name: Coffea Arabica L.

CAS #: 331-39-5
Specification:Caffeine 10% 20%;

Certifications: ISO,KOSHER,Halal,Organic;

Stock in LA USA warehouse;

100% water-solubility;

What is Green Coffee Bean Powder?In order to find out what organic green coffee bean powder is, you have to look at the source – green coffee beans. Green coffee beans (and all of the many products that are derived from them) are basically the same thing as regular coffee beans apart from one simple fact – they haven’t yet been roasted and processed into the dark brown aromatic beans we’re more accustomed to.
The roasting process that brings out the flavor in the garcinia cambogia green coffee bean extract we use for making beverages obviously involves intense heat, which changes not only the bean’s color, aroma, and flavor, but also it’s chemical structure, too. The nutrients held within the bean are also affected by the heating process, and the unprocessed green coffee bean has a wide range of pharmacologically active compounds and antioxidants that have attracted nutritionist’s attention over recent years.Basic Information:Product nameGreen Coffee Bean ExtractLatin nameCoffea Arabica L.Place of OriginChinaHarvest seasonEvery Autumn and SpringPart usedBean/SeedsExtraction TypeSolvent ExtractionActive IngrdientsChlorogenic AcidCas No327-97-9Molecular FormulaC16H18O9Formula Weight354.31Test MethodHPLCSpecificationschlorogenic acid 50%ApplicationDietary supplement,ectGreen Coffee Bean Powder Benefits:1. May Help with Weight or Fat LossGreen coffee seed first gained popularity when some studies found that it has the ability to help induce weight loss. While it’s certainly not a quick-fix way to reach a healthier weight, research suggests that chlorogenic acid is highly absorbable once consumed and helps the body burn glucose and stored body fat for energy.It may also reduce inflammation (a root cause of diabetes and other metabolic problems), slow the release of sugar into the bloodstream and help regulate the release of insulin, which brings glucose into the cells.2. Can Help Normalize Blood SugarScientists say that the positive effects of organic green coffee bean powder on blood sugar has to do with its ability to lower inflammation, aid in reaching a healthier body weight and potentially curb cravings for inflammatory foods. At the same time, it may be helpful for lowering glucose levels and potentially increasing energy. While caffeine may have positive effects on metabolic functions, even green coffee bean products that have been decaffeinated seem to still be beneficial. (6)3. May Help Lower Blood PressureMany studies have shown that green coffee extract can be effective in lowering blood pressure. A study of 17 hypoglycemic patients revealed that after taking green coffee seed extract, 13 out of the 17 students experienced reductions in blood pressure levels. The participants took about 800 milligrams of extract daily, which is a dose that’s considered on the high side but seems to be very effective in lowering blood pressure.4. Has Anti-Aging Effects Due to Containing AntioxidantsIn studies where green coffee bean extract was assessed, many antioxidant properties have been identified that can help slow various effects of aging. As mentioned above, chlorogenic acid is said to be responsible for most of these antioxidant properties of the garcinia cambogia green coffee bean extract.5. Can Help Improve Energy LevelsCoffee is known to help people feel less tired and increase energy levels because it contains the stimulant caffeine. Caffeine is actually considered a drug and worldwide is the most consumed psychoactive substance there is.6. Can Help You Focus and Improve Your MoodAs described above, pure green coffee bean extract uk contain a decent amount of caffeine, supplying higher levels when you take a larger dose. A large body of research shows that caffeine/coffee consumption is capable of altering many aspects of mental health and brain function, including attention, mood, memory, alertness/vigilance, motivation, test taking, reaction times, motor control/physical performance and more.Green Coffee Bean Powder Application:1.Weight loss and prevent diabetes;
3.Anti-bacterial,anti-virus and enhance immune function;
4.Anti-tumor effect;
5.Diuretic,choleretic,lowering blood pressure,miscarriage.

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